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Fitting new plug socket, 3 earth wires?


I am looking to fit a new plug socket to the wall, when I took the old one off, there was the normal 2 lives, 2 neutrals for the ring main, but there was 3 earth wires. 2 on the ring main, and one going to the case.

At the minute, all 3 earth wires are connected to the same connector on the back of the plug socket, however, when I did this on the new chrome plug socket (which has 2 earth connection points either side of the back, but both joined by a metal plate), it blew the relay in the fuse box.

Can someone help me with what I have done wrong please?



February 2012
you have either cut the live conductor with the face plate retaining screw.or an earth is touching the live conductor the third earth norm goes onto the metal backbox then to the face plate,this gives a secondary earth return path,

February 2012


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