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oil burner?

My oil burner keeps locking out and I would like to service it myself can anybody give me some info on what I need to do this


February 2012
Thought this was a diy forum.More things goes wrong due to neglect then changing basic parts.As long as no air or pressure adj. made and to get by (don't all have job security) The occasional get your hands dirty is warranted at times imo.

Old Guy
February 2012
i'm a service engineer i agree with proper job you cant do it your self properly you need a analyser to set co2 plus you really need to no what you are doing followed many D I Y jobs cost you more in the long run

K the boiler man
February 2012
i'm a qualified oftec engineer.
you will only create big trouble for yourself servicing a pressurejet burner unless you are well trained.
these are literally mini jet engines, and it is very critical you use correct (£700.00) flue gas analyser to set it up. it will pump out a very lethal amount of CO if you just try and clean it and change nozzle without re calibrating the pump and air balance.
carbon monoxide takes no prisoners....i know, i've dealt with fatal cases from diy (illigal) oil boiler servicing.
get a professional in...please!

mark properjob
February 2012
Need to get correct oil filter,pump strainer,and nozzle size.Small pan and something like carb. cleaner and rags.Know and use you oil shut off and electrical shut off.Do not make adjustments to any critical things with out proper equipment.Establish oil flow,clean cad.eye otherwise the problem needs tech.

Old Guy
February 2012


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