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Question - mend, repair, fix

how to fix the eye on my fishing pole?

My eye on my fishing pole is broken.what do i need to use to fix it.

February 2012

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Better late than never I guess! You don't say what is broken or which guide. If its the tip top and the rod is just a 5' to 7' 6" WalMart sells replacements along with an extra strong hot melt glue. Heat the old tip top with a lighter using as little heat as possible and pull the tip top off. Do not twist! Just pull straight, if it will not come off heat it a little more until it slips off. Take the one that comes closest to a tight fit from the kit, heat the end of the glue stick and put a couple of dabs on the end of the blank. Quickly slip the new tip top onto the rod and turn it so that it is straight with the other guides and let the glue cool. If it is one of the single or double foot guides your best bet other than ordering one from a place like or one of the other rod building suppliers is to find a broken rod and scavenge a guide the same type and size you need. Clean the old thread and finish from the spot where the old guide was. You can use use a razon knife but do not slice into the blank or it is going to break right there! Find some good nylon sewing thread and wrap the guide foot as smoothly as you can with moderate tension. If you can find a good place to lay the rod where it is suspended horizontally like across the backs of two chairs. That way you can rotate the rod and wrap the thread while keeping tension on it. Wrap the feet and tie the end as well as you can with a very small knot. Cover the thread with a couple of thin coats of clear nail polish letting the first dry several hours before the second. After drying over night put the reel back on and go fishing!

June 2012

canadian tire sell small fibreglass kits. fairly simple to use, i would wrap it with a strong thread in a figure 8 before the fibreglass.

February 2012

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how can i seperate my carbon fibre fly rod as two sections are stuck together...

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BSA Goldstar Air Rifle?

The magazine was put in the wrong way and i managed to get it out. Now the under lever wont close the last 2 inches and is very stiff.Also where can i get a workshop manual online. Any help with this would be much appreciated...

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I tried to insert a replacement plastic end cap into the end of my carp rod, and the carbon split.. the split isn't too bad (thank God) just about an inch up the rod horizontally. Also there is a cork dowel insert in the spigot (the male part) in one rod but not this one. I want to get them sorted ...

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Section of pole stuck?

My top section of my top three is stuck and I can't colapse it back into the next How do I cure this....

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how can i fix an umbrella bracket to my shakespear fishing box ( it has no legs )...

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bail arm ?

how can i get a spare replacement bail arm for a keets reel...

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where can i find parts for ryobi ad 101(fishing reel)?

where i can find parts for sale(used or new) for ryobi ad 101 gouki...

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I have various Penn reels: 80;85 90 etc that have been on the shelf for years. Does anyone have an instruction manual or book to aid me out? I will pay a reasonable price....

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Saved me buying a new one and disposing of a perfectly good steamer.

Jan 2021

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