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Halogen Lighting - dull?

Could anybody please by advising me if dull halogen lighting could be an effect of incorrect wiring. i have replaced the light fitting but the effect is the same. Could this be the affect of getting the positive and negative the wrong way round?

M Ridgley
March 2012
Thanks for your help. The bulbs came with the Light fitting and are 10w each. Unfortunately the light just looks dull despite there being 6 bulbs. As the previous light I fitted was pretty much the same, just wondered if could have got the wiring wrong in some way!

Thanks again


March 2012
If its 12v, have you fitted the correct wattage of bulb,especially if the transformer is driving more than one.

most transformers are 60 watts so it will drive 1 60 watt bulb or 3 20 watt bulbs.

If the bulbs are 240 volts then have you purchased the correct bulb such as a soft tone etc.

Try a different bulb and correct wattage ,

March 2012
it makes no diff to a light fitting if you reverse the polarity,except if your useing led lights,you have mixed up the loop in loop out wires some where,recheck your wiring do not work on a live circuit,ok?

March 2012


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