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What are these?

Last year on Windows xp I transferred 'still photo's' from Canon camcorder mv930 SD card to my desk top PC, which transferred from the camera to Zoombrowser windows.
Then automatically to 'My Pictures' I then placed all the photo's in to a file entitled France, then sorted all photo's to relevant files/folders Eg: folder name: Saint Malo all related photo's were placed in that folder and so on until all were sorted. Then was successfully burned the 'France' folder with it's subfolders to a DVD.

I have a laptop ‘ACER’ using Windows 7 I copied the DVD to ' My pictures' on the laptop and opened it to find that all folders have a green dot with white checkmark in/on it. I then opened one subfolder (Saint Malo) to find the photo's each had the same Green dot with white check mark in/on it. Going through the rest the most common was the Green dot with a couple of folders having a blue dot and white circle in/on it and four photo's with a red dot and white x in/on it.
I hope you have a solution SD!. if not can't see why you asked for more information on my 'Photo's on laptop' about four questions back from this one.

April 2012

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thanks electro, sorry its late been busy. yes the ones with red dot and white x can be opened. I'll just play around sorting the photos until it tells me something I can't do.

April 2012

Not sure. (I don't have Windows 7, but I do a LOT of trouble shooting)

The green with check mark seems to indicate some ideal condition.

My guess is that blue and white may indicate that some files in that folder may be marked as "to be backed up"

Are the photos with the red mark ok? Can you open them?
If the red mark appears only AFTER you modified that file in any way, and the file can still be accessed normaly without any error message, it may be a remeinder that this file got flagged as a "to be backed up" file.
If that's the case, if you launch any backup utility and create a backup, those files sould revert to green.

April 2012

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on my acer aspire laptop I have several emails I want to keep I could copy each one save to a word file but 1 I haven't enough memory to save word files would take too long. I can turn a computer on/off but as for programs etc I'm lost. Searches say click 'Export'.... where is Export?...

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Acer Aspire?

Why is my Acer Aspire laptop so slow. I tested yesterday against two snails, I placed them on the computer table and started my laptop. They had gone 2.5mt heading back to the garden and my laptop hadn't fullly loaded. By the time I got on to the interent they were making their way across the ...

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Updating Windows 7?

The updates for windows 7 not updating: codes 80071491 and 80070643 this is on my Acer Aspire- one Notebook, PC. Please help...

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acer aspire?

laptop keyboard wont type q t u j 1 and 3 no not dirt my son air can cleaned it but still they dont work currentjy using on screen keyboard all characters work. I once used my PC keyboard as it has USB PLUG had no missed characters on that either thanks...

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Acer Aspire?

laptop cut from micro sd card using adapter sd card in laptop sd slot, pasted to laptop left 18 mns found transfer complete checked it and it disapeard aint seen it in any folders so where could be? oh! nothing on the card. next time I will copy & paste so I have a backup. windows 7 thanks in adva...

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Acer Aspire?

Doesn't type. j q t u or numbers 1 & 3 Why? Thanks for your time. (Typed on my hudl)...

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Which battery?

Laptop Acer Aspire Existing battery type AS10D51 Li-ion No of Cells ? not stated on battery. 10.8v 4.2Ah which I assume is ‘run time’ with each charge. New Batteries to buy new off internet Li-ion with 6 cells 11.1v s compatible with 10.8v 5200mAh which I assume is ‘run time’...

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how do i put colours right on my acer?

The colours on my grand daughters acer tablet is all mixed up model number b1-710...

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Help wanted!
Thank you. Worked a treat!

Dec 2019

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