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Yanmar 3 Cylinder will not start?

I have just converted a 3 Cylinder TNE Generator Yanmar 20hp diesel into a log splitter . The Engine was working before i did the conversion but now it won't. I cannot get fuel to reach trhe injector pipes. I thought it might be the solenoid on the pump. I want the wiring to be basic just turn the key to start with no oil pressure lights etc. does any one know how to wire this to the key with the solenoid 3 wires and the 1 x brown live power

May 2012

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the oil presure and other dial gauges are optinal, fuel pump has a electric, fuel shut all moden ish disels........igntion as thus...power to it from battery,,,,,wen switched to 1 ..elect allowed to field wire on altnatoer small wire..ok .......elec also goes to solinoid fuel shut valve on pump...which is energised and openes to allow fuel to enter the fuel injecton pump.......the 3rd postion on the igntion is the start only postion...when moved to here ......eec is allowed to run to the startr ....the start solinoid on the strater closes ...which throws in the main switch to let the elec turn the starter...

you havnt said if its a startter alternator?
thee are soe out there that do two jobs..during stater its a starter wen running it converts to a alternator

May 2015

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78 hours on craft. Took out for first time this season. Was doing some wave hoping, nothing rough or extreme, craft started to squeal/screech, would not move. Took out, started up, no screech. Put back in water and same issue, screeching and not moving. No idea what’s wrong. First day of 2 week va...

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waterproofing larch on wooden boats?

the top of my spey motor sailor lets water through into the cabin,it is constructed of larch on oak...

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Safety knowlege.?

What is the safe depth for a microplus501 on the move....

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Yanmar L70 pull start freezing up mid pull after Decom lever engages?

Not sure if this is the rite place to ask but I'm at my whitts end looking for an answer to my problem. I have a Yanmar L70V6-L pull start with a decompression lever. It's easy to pull with the Decom lever disengaged. Mid pull after the lever engages the motor freezes up almost spraining my wrist. A...

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microplus parts?

does anyone know where i can buy a top screen and canopy and bow rail for my 501 microplus....

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my sea doo gti wont run in water but is good out of water?

my sea doo runs fine out of water but when you put it in the water it stalls...

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8hp yanmar diesel has power but wont turn over?

motor wont turn over , it has power to the ignition switch then nothing...

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does not run at full throttle?

will run fine at 70%of throttle but bogs down at full?...

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Wish I had found this post sooner. Thank you so much for the tip!

Dec 2020

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