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wiring instructions?

Have HY2350A double dimmer switch and need help to know which wires to connect to the four terminals at top of switch.

June 2012
there are no neutrals in switches,all connections are live,the dimmers will have c and 1 2 on each dimmer,how to work out what wires go where,is very simple,but you must be very careful,take one pair of wiers and touch them together,if a light comes on,then you put these two in one dimmer,and put the other pair in the other dimmer,it does not matter abpout colours ,just be careful work on live lights

July 2012
its difficult without a good description but there will be two terminals with com or a wavey symbol. put the black or blues in them. then put the red or browns in the other ones making sure you use the same cable for each side.

July 2012


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