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Question - mend, repair, fix

how can i unblock my hotmail account?

how can i unblock my hotmail account

July 2012

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How did it got blocked?

Someone attempted to access your acount with the wrong password.
You used the wrong password to many times.
Solution: Request a password reset.

You can't access your account from your work place or school.
It's blocked by the system administrator as been not related to/needed for your work or study, or as a possible security breatch.
- Ask the network administrator if hotmail can be unblocked for you, maybe only at some specific time periods. If it's blocked for security reasons, the answer WILL be no.
- Wait to get home to access your e-mail.

You neglected to connect at least once for over 90 days.
Situation: Your account got deleted. It's not blocked, it's gone for ever. Any saved content and your contact list are lost.
Solution: Create a new account.

You forwarded chain e-mails, e-mailed virus loaded files, used your account to participate in a scam (even unwithingly).
Your account have been terminated for breatching the terms of use. It's GONE, DELETED! In this case, you may not even get a chance at creating a new account.
Solution: At least try to create a new account. If you can't, create a new account with another web mail provider or use the one that should come with your ISP service.
Be wary that ALL e-mail services specificaly forbid you from participating in the propagation of chain e-mails.
You are also forbiden from using your account for any illegal endeavour.

July 2012

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to unblock the other hotmail user in my PC?

my sister email cannot open in my PC because it's preventing of monitor for illegal download. Please tell me how can I unblock my sister hotmail....

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How do I change the email for corespondences from hotmail support to be sent to me. How do I get my account unblocked. I just got it unblocked last week(thursday) and it is blocked today....

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How do I unblock IMVU?

I am having trouble unblocking IMVU on my aspire one acer laptop its confusing and it said somthing about a socket...

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how to unblock my hotmail account?

Hi, I can't sign in to my hotmail account and there is an error message says your account has been blocked and try to reset uour password. but I did that but it is still blocked and no signing in, so could you help me please because i have many important document in this email....

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Help wanted!
I had the same problem. Great result!! Thanks to all.

May 2020

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How can I mend my Potterton Puma?
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