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How can I stop the mailer Daemon virus?

How an I stop the virus from Mailer Daemon that repeatedly sends non delivery notices at irregular events. I have been rogered.

July 2012

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Precision about the virus pretending to be mailer daemon:

The returned message containt a copy of the original message. That message is ALWAYS inline and clearly visible just by scrolling down.
It's NEVER EVER present as an attachment that need to be opened.
It ONLY contain an attachment IF your original message had such an attachment AND the daemon is set to include the attachments in it's notification.

August 2012

There is NO mailer daemon virus. There NEVER was any.

Mailer daemon is a process running on the receiving server.

It NEVER EVER run on your computer!!!

It receive incoming e-mails and forward them to the desired recipient. When an e-mail can't be delivered for whatever reason, it send back a message to report the problem. That message can tell you that the recipient don't exist or that his in-box is full for example.

A problem arise when it receive undeliverable SPAM e-mails witht the usual forged header pretending to be comming from your address. In this case, YOU receive the error notifications for undeliverable messages that you NEVER sent.

You can also get such a message if you sent an e-mail with a mistyped address or your corespondent in-box is currently full.

Final note:
There exist some rare virus that send similar messages PRETENDING to come from a legitimate mailer daemon. But, if you receive such a false notification, you can be prety sure that that virus DON'T infect your computer. The message is an attempt to infect your computer. It can't do any harm unless you open the attached file: A disguised executable.

Don't open any attachment and just detete the message after checking if it's legitimate. It's legitimate ONLY IF you recognise the original message that show in the notification.

July 2012

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