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Home lift ?

Family friend who's son is confined to a wheelchair.
Recent work done.
Replaced control batteries, Overload switch and Benedikt- Jager contacts. Has repair contract with a well known stair/homelift company.
Contract £259 includes 4 service checks mostly visual, call outs labour and spares have to be paid for in addition. Recent out of hours call out £214 followed by a couple of days later £228 to supply and fit spares which were not on van at call out time.
Would it be fare to say they should have taken call out charge off the final bill? they didn't and it cost him total £442. Repairs: Overload switch
Benedikt - Jager contacts. batteries in control panel. I say rip off. what say those who've and idea on parts cost as the company wont tell me when I complained their is no cost breakdown on invoice and call out charge not taken of final bill.
I think this is a case of 'cake and eat it' the service from this well know firm.

September 2012
if they call out and dont the necc spares,thats their prob,they should not have chargedyou twice,try and change your service provider

September 2012


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