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Where can I purchase Velux Kem-140 motors?

Where can I buy a new Velux Kem-140 Skylight motor for my older Skylight?. Velux does not produce nor sell these Kem-140 motors.Thank You

Jim Reemer
December 2012

Need to mend your Velux windows and door?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

The replacement motor vendor sells a cache of old stock at an ever higher price, as of 2019 $500. You probably already noticed that Velux’s new operators don’t work on old windows, and new windows and operators will be more than $500. Repair may be a good choice, especially if you need more than one.

The KEM140 breaks for 3 reasons.

1 There is a 1n4001 diode that fails short circuit and it moves an inch at a time. Its only pennies you just need an electronics hobbyist to solder a new one.

2 There is a micro-switch to detect if the cover is off and if the screen is not in place. The switch contacts can fail and the lever can bend so that it’s always disabling the motor. The micro-switch arm can be re-shaped or the switch itself can be replaced. There are part numbers on the side of the switch and manufacturer’s marking, but there are so many nearly identical switches it may be easier to pick one from a catalog by the mounting hole locations and actuator. You want one that has normally open contacts that close when the mechanism is pressed.

3 The plastic gear that engages the skylight scissor mechanism can break resulting in a running motor that makes clump-clump sounds but nothing moves. If you take the whole assembly to a local machine shop (or two) you’ll find someone who can mend or replace the broken gear. It’s not that there aren’t catalogs of full of available gears, a catalog gear needs to be modified to drive the skylight scissor.

4 Don’t overlook a non-functioning controller. A motor not fed power doesn’t do anything. The switch pad lights should blink. There should be voltage on the wires that head to the motor when it should be moving (at least briefly)

5 Finally, the scissor mechanism may have failed. The vendor that sells the KEM140 also has scissor mechanisms. If not broken it very likely needs lubrication to avoid overstressing the motor unit, a stearate thickened waterproof white lithium grease at the pivots and slides, e.g. Aqualube or Jack’s something or other. A waterproof boat trailer wheel bearing grease is a good 2nd choice. Silicone grease of any type is never a good choice for a mechanical lubricant, it is always a silicone oil plus finely ground silica which is unhelpful under any pressure. It has fantastic electrical insulating properties and amazing resistance to water absorption and wash-out, but it’s not a lubricant for metal pivots and slides under pressure.

Oliver Street
September 2019

Thanks for that web site for purchasing two brand new but discontinued Velux Kem-140 Replacement Motors.Thanks I have been looking for these Kem-140 motors for a while and Velux Skylights does Not sell,service Nor produce these Velux Kem-140 replacement motors anymore.Thanks Again

Wayne Q
March 2013

You can purchase brand new still in the box but discontinued Velux Kem-140 Skylight Motors at . I have been searching for these Velux Kem-140 Skylight motors for over 4 years.I also purchased a brand new but discontinued Velux Electric venetian blind for my Velux Venting VS-308 Skylight.Velux does not make nor sell their Kem-140 Skylight Motors ,Electric Blinds nor Electric Shades for their older model Skylights and this web site had them both . Both the Kem-140 motors and the Velux Pmv-308-9150 Elec.Venetian blinds are Awesome and working like a Champ. Thank You , You Guys Rock

Roger H.
March 2013

I just purchased two brand new still in the box Velux Kem-140 Skylight Motors which are No Longer in production at . I received a one year warranty with both Kem-140 Motors as well and they work Great.

Brian L.
March 2013

I just purchased two brand new Velux Kem-140 Skylight motors for my 15 year old Velux Skylight with a full warranty.The website you provided was Awesome!! Thank You so much .I have been looking for these Velux Kem-140 motors for my older Skylights for years.NOW I CAN OPEN MY VELUX SKYLIGHTS AGAIN. Velux does NOT make or sell these Kem-140 Skylight motors. Thanks Again You Guys Rock

Mark Miller
December 2012

You can Purchase new Velux Kem-140 Skylight motors for the older model Velux Skylights at

Brian Hemp
December 2012

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I have two VELUX skywindows. Both remotes are not working. I mistakenly clicked OK in a window and can no longer get the remote to work. Currently, it is powered by the computer, but, nothing is working. The batteries are fairly recent....

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Where can I purchase a new Velux Scissor Operator for my Velux Skylight? ?

Hi , I need Help .Where can I purchase a new Velux Scissor Operator for my older but still in Great condition Velux Skylights?Velux does Not sell nor service their 21" inch wide Skylights with the scissor Operator Arms that have broken.Velux told me they Do Not have any in stock nor do they have any...

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Scissor Lift?

Has anyone been able to source replacement gears/scissor lifts for VELUX skylights?...

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A ten-year old window (ref on it = GHL, M04, 3059 & 75ARO16), opened fully and will not close. Web-sites searched for answer and no help. I have added WD40 and tried lifting various bits around the mechanism, to no avail. Any help here please? John in Shropshire, 15 July 14...

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bypass microswitch on Velux KEM-140B?

The microswitch that ensures the cover is on the window opener is erratic. Without taking it all apart, does anyone know where to solder a jumper wire to bypass the microswitch?...

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Where can I Purchase a Velux Kem-140 Skylight motor?

You can purchase brand new Velux discontinued Kem-140 Skylight motors on line at .I just purchased two brand new still in the box Kem-140 Skylight motors and I received a Full one year warranty....

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Velux window does close but does not lock?

Can anyone advise what the problem could be? My skylight velux window does close but does not lock. Tried pushing hard, tried WD40 and nothing. Air gets in through the edges. Thank you....

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velux window vent will not close how do i fix?

velux window vent wont close how do i fix...

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