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how can i fix my Nissan cabstar throttle problem?

got an 02 Nissan cabstar that starts up & runs ok on tickover but refuses to rev up. is it the electronic throttle unit by the accelerator pedal or something to do with the electrics going to the fuel pump? any ideas gratefully received, cheers

December 2012

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it could be any of those faults you have said and until a code reader is utilised then guessing would only cost you an arm and a leg

December 2012

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how can I fix my cabstar engine?

Nissan Cabstar 2011 35.13 s/c MWB engine starts ok but black smoke emissions and struggles to go up hill...

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Nissan cabstar?

I have oil in my diesel motor was running lovely and then started to hold back until it eventually cut out I changed fuel tank filter and cleaned lines put new stuff on run lovely for about 20 miles has done same thing please help...

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not raving over 2500 revs loads of smoke??

hi i am working on a x reg nissan cabstar 2.7 mechanical injection, we have replaced the turbo, had the injectors reconditioned and fitted a new exhaust, it is still running really poorly and will not rev over 2500 revs 3000 if i am lucky, it is fine on idle?? a lot of people are saying remove the b...

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nissan cabstar headlights?

2001 nissan cabstar. How do I change the headlight bulb?...

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My Nissan Cabstar breaks down when the fuel tank reads one third full.?

After a recent service my Nissan cabstar breaks down when the fuel tank gets down to one third full. The truck is an 08 and has done 17000miles. It can easily be restarted by squashing the priming pump a few times. It will then run for several miles. This will keep hapening until the tank is filled ...

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Nissan cabstar e90 51plate cutting out, lack of revs?

Hi guys, My cabstar struggles to start, but once started its fine. Drives perfect and Ben all of a sudden will cut out. Pull over give it a sec and will run again but low revs for a while. I've had the alternator done and a fuel filter. Doesn't smoke to much. Any ideas????...

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How do i overhaul my Nissan Cabstar 20 Starter. It has a Qd32 engine?

The starter does not turn. It has burnt out....

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Starting problems on my Nissan cabstar?

Keep Turing the engine over but won't start plumes of white smoke...

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