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can anyone help fix my 54 plate 135 ford transit?

the problem i have when you're driving the glow plug light starts to flash then the engine cuts out if you switch it off and back on it starts agian but continues to happen, been back to ford loads of time with no such luck various other macanics have tried but no one has stopped the problem

March 2013
Had a W reg Focus Diesel that used to do that except the glow Light would flash & lose acceleration but would idle nicely. Swithch off & start again & would be fine for a while. New accelerator pedal(electronic) & it was fine.

March 2013
You have not listed what has been done to your motor,I take it has been onto Ford IDS if it has been to your local dealer,filters been done?This is a similar problem which I have encountered on a couple of Transits,fuel pressure regulator valve on the pump and fault codes were available to help determine that fault,but without knowing what codes have been found it is pointless guessing as it could cost you a fortune.

March 2013


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