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How to bed the brushes in?

Yes the motor is very good it just need new brushes.i have tryed but it started crackling noise.i think i need a white chalk stone to clean what brushes go round on.

This is for a Dyson dc o7

April 2013

Need to mend your Dyson carpet cleaner?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

The bit that rotates is called an armature - the piece on the armature that the brushes bear against is called the commutator.

I have been messing with motors on and off for over 50 years and had not heard of the stone you mention until now.

Research shows me it's called a commutator stone and its purpose is to clean up the commutator. In the past I have only ever used fine grade abrasive paper and Scotchbrite scourers to do this job.

Carbon dust can clog up the insulated gaps in the commutator - an old toothbrush and a fine screwdriver can be a useful cleaning aids.

If the motor runs with lots of sparks then you need to pay it some attention - a few tiny sparks are normal.

I bed brushes in by just running the motor - the important thing for me is to have a clean commutator.

April 2013

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July 2020

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