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DVD Recorder?
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Question - mend, repair, fix

how can i get my JVC dvd recorder to recognize a disc?

during a storm the power went off now my JVC dr-mv 150 will not recognize any disc - pre-recorded or blank. at first it stated wrong region now it just spins the disc and finally states unknown disc. i have unpluged the machine, cleaned the disc player and reset the machine to "factory set" nothing works. how do i get the player/recorder to recognize a dvd disc

October 2013

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

I have a Sony DVD Recorder which has a mind of its own recorded discs it will not recognize some pre-recorded discs it plays ok does the lasers need cleaning or re-aligning

J Morris
November 2013

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how can i fix my jvc vhs&hdd&dvd recorder dr-mx10sek?

My jvc dr-mx10sek recorder keeps switching on and off and flashing resetting and won't release tape or disc can it be repaired,when switched on first it keeps saying please wait then after a while it switches off then it switches back on flashing resetting...

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dvd problem?

I have a jvc dvd video recorder. I have burned many dvd's and played them back successfully for over a year. For the past month, I cannot even load a dvd it just spins around and then spits it out with disk error or cannot read dvd. I bought a dvd cleaner for my machine and it will not read it. the ...

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How do I finalize a DVD-R on a JVC video recorder?

I am transferring my VHS tapes to DVD-R discs. I can play it back on the recorder but not on other DVD players. I read that I need to finalize the disc but ma not sure how to do this....

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my jvc dr-mx10sek shows reloading all the time any idea on a repair?

my jvc dr-mx10sek shows reloading on the startup display and will not go any further nothing will work at all, remote, keyboard etc any ideas welcom...

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how can i fix my jvc dvd recorder?

it is showing the 'loading' message and won't do anything else, help....

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My JVC DR-MX10SEK just went bang...?

My JVC DR-MX10SEK just went bang..... i unplugged it before this happened because the thing froze up on me and when i plugged it back it BANG any ideas on what has happened and how to fix JVC want £120 to repair it but i would rather throw it away than pay that I only paid £200 for it in the frs...

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Unable to finalize my dvd -R?

Hello, We have a JVC camcorder that records onto a tape, once the tape is full we then transfer the filming onto a DVD-R via the dvd recorder. Only we have 3/4 dvd discs that are not finalized as we bought a Phillips video/dvd recorder combi ages ago and never knew that we had to finalize the discs ...

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Frozen JVC DR-MX1S VHS/HDD/DVD Recorder. How can I clear it?

My recorder has frozen with a flashing white light showing where the DVD mode button should show red and there is a feint rubbing sound. I am not certain if there is a DVD in the machine or not. I have tried turning of the power at the mains, as none of the buttons including the on/off button has an...

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Nov 2020

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