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Electrolux rm 6270 3 way fridge?

my 3way fridge works on 240 volt and I think it works ok on 12 volt but does not work on gas . I have replaced the thermocouple but it made no difference the icebox is cool not cold enough to freeze .the gas ignites ok. would appreciate any advice given many thanks Paul

Paul Black
October 2013

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blocked gas jet or low gas?

October 2013

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Not working on 230v?

My Electrolux 3way fridge works fine on gas & 12v but not 230v. Thanks Peter....

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What have I done Wrong?

Have connected aRM4361 electrolux fridge to my hymer 654 1990 motorhome but now have no power at all on offside of van (space heater,water heater,taps etc.) .Have I blown a fuse ? - but all fuses I can see appear to be O.K. Any suggestions ? Wiring diagram?...

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electrolux caravan fridge?

Hi, recently bought used caravan, told fridge was working, hey shock it isn't? tried turning upside down for 24 hours as advised online, still not working? power going in through 240 and 12 volt, all switches lighting up. but not chilling? any suggestions greatly appreciated. or any knowledge of loc...

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how to fix fridge not working on gas?

Hi, we have an electrolux 3 way fridge that works ok on 240v, but not cooling on gas. Pilot lights, stays on, blue flame, but fridge not getting cold. Any syggestions please...

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I have a Electrolux RM4401 3way fridge.?

When the switch F in the manual is turned on to spark the gas burner the fridge starts up but the switch F still keeps on sparking. It is hard to tell if the fridge is lit. This happens most of the time....

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cleaning elctrolux caravan fridge?

How do I remove food shelves from electrolux caravan fridge? I need to give fridge a good clean after a spill in freezer....

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Electrolux RM 6270?

The fridge works fine on gas, but as soon as I turn the selector knob to 240V, the RCD cuts the power....

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electric element only lasts a few days ?

i have an electrolux fridge . keeps burning out the electric heater . they last about 4 days ? be glad of advise pete...

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Thank you. Worked a treat!

Dec 2019

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