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How to fix loose connection in downlights ?

I have kitchen downlights , one of which comes on/ off as it pleases,
On investigation, the 2 wires that connect to the small ceramic piece that the 2 pin halogen slots into, one wire appears loose,but I can't see how I would tighten this up. There are 2 tiny screws right next to where the wires are,but they don't connect to the wires,does the whole fitting need replacing.?

October 2013
They are pretty standard and cheap to buy. Its the heat, its a moderqtely common thing to happen

November 2013
replace the bulb holder cost you about one pound from electrical wholesaler

October 2013
when we have a light fitting with this problem we replace the ceramic base and wires as a unit, if you can't get hold of one try an electrical company who might sell you one

October 2013


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