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Car problems?

I need your help if possible; I have a Rover 45, Y reg, 1600cc K series Engine.
The engine had a new head gasket fitted with new stretch bolts and all was well for 6 Months, now the engine keeps overheating and the fan kick in toll reduce the temperature.
The matrix sometime change from hot to cold, warm then back to hot and now the engine is losing power in gears 2,3 and 4 the returns to normal.
There is a high screeching noise that as soon as it sounds it disappears before the power loss.
I am toping up the water tank about ¼ pint a week and the oil is still clear and clean without any white slush.
Has anybody got some words of wisdom to explain what is happening and how I can fix it.
I am not a mechanic so please view this in mind, many thanks for any help!

December 2013
i have a rover 25 was losing water from reservoir tryed kseal which solved the problem but came home tonight and saw steam coming from bonnet and kseal was all over the place could this b a pipe gone

March 2014
a fan belt wouldn`t cause water loss and I think your problems are a lot deeper than that,if you can`t see a leak then it must be using water internally,when the head was off was it checked for warping?these engines are notorious for head and head gasket problems,I would either remove the head and get it pressure tested/checked at an engineers or source a good 2nd hand unit.

December 2013
sounds like a loose fan belt,

December 2013


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