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Ikea Kila lamp?

have a red Kila Ikea lamp. Need a new transformer YD-20C AC ADAPTER 12VAC 1.67A. Would any other transformer work else work? Could do some splicing but needs to be safe when done. Thanks!

December 2013
The KILA simply uses a 12v halogen bulb and so and 12v supply, AC or CD is fine - use just a 12v transformer!

October 2018
Hey D Mac, almost 2 years has passed since your reply so I don't know if you found a solution yet or just forgot the post like me...
What I did was to find in my apartment another power supply with the same specs and cut/connect the cables from the lamp.
This worked until today when the power supply decided to die, that's the reason why I remembered about this post.

I hope you found a solution, now I have to buy a new one

December 2017
My daughter inherited an IKEA desk lamp from a college roommate - unfortunately it didn’t come with the power supply.
Have either of you been able to track one down or find a suitable substitute?
Thanks for your advisement.

D Mac
February 2016
Hi, did you finally find a solution for your problem? Because I need the same :(

January 2016


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