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Floor lamp,two way. Not working.?

One bulb works in my 'mother n child' the larger one does not. I have replaced the bulb but found the white ceramic housing stained a darker brown on one side. How do I go about finding what caused this?
On another lamp I'm wondering about changing the transformer. No dull stains on this one. But it doesn't work either. Am I jinxed
Thanks for help.

October 2014
Paul hi
Are you still able to supply the parts to repair a Hytec 3360D or are you still repairing them?

February 2017
Margaret if the control unit behind your two rotary knobs is made by Hytec Model 3360D I can repair it for you for £12 + Return postage. I have repaired many of these units, sometimes when they blow there can be several parts gone. They are not obtainable new except from a company who say the minimum order quantity is 3500 costing £25 ea and several parts can only be imported from China but I have all parts required to do the repairs. To repair you need an electric drill, 7 mm bit, soldering iron, solder and a replacement pop rivet

December 2014


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