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Question - mend, repair, fix

How can it be fixed?

My Piaggio zip 50 2stoke will not start. It only sparks every now and then. Battery is dead. It only sparks once when being kicked over one little blue spark. Can any one help please. Dan

October 2014

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Firstly the zip is fitted with a primary ignition coil so you could throw the battery in the bin and it would not affect the ignition system.the bike has a connector block where the stator wires come out of the engine it's on the right hand side above the fan cover ,this connector fails as it goes green and oxidized, clean it and 're check it then if it still don't spark disconnect the wire from the back of the ignition switch and try again,if still no good spark try another cdi coil on it they are cheap and do go wrong if it's still not good check the green wire at the cdi/coil unit that goes to the ignition switch isn't touching earth anywhere on its way up to the switch.last reason will be the generator gone bad replace it.but before you do anything have you tried a new spark plug and ht cap ? Ps I know exactly how these machines work I was building them out of a crate 20 plus years ago.;0)

adam bike doctor
February 2015

you said the battery is dead, it could be a regulator failure therefore no current is reaching the battery, the unit can only be electronically tested and if found to be faulty cannot be repaired. A new battery or charge this one and see if you get all the electrics back. Intermittent electrics could also be windings in the generator coil breaking down but this also needs testing. Hopefully its a simple fix.

October 2014

Could it be something to do with the regulator because what happend first was my main head light went then my brake light now it's only sparking every 10 kicks I don't have a clue what it could be I have a brand new cdi unit so I don't have a clue please reply ASAP thanks dan.

October 2014

if you're still getting a spark with a failing battery and the bike still won't start i'd suspect fuel isn't reaching the combustion chamber, try taking the spark plug out and dip the threaded end in petrol, replace and see if engine fires, if it does it means checking through the fuel lines for blockages, if battery is over 3 years old maybe time for a new one. The plug will only spark once every one revolution of the engine.

October 2014

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piaggio zip?

put diesel in petrol tank , rode for half a mile before it cut out , pulled fuel pipe off and drained tank , will replacing petrol line and refilling and running petrol through get bike going again ? Not mechanically minded is it a big job if not ?...

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Piaggio relay?

Hi trying to start my piaggio x9 125 2001 turn key hold in brake leaver all I here is click click from the relay at back so I took relay of and bridge the red wires lots of sparks and smoke but this turned the bike over can some body tell me is it the relay that has stopped working just clicking man...

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piaggio x9 250 lumping?

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Failure to display lights.battery ignition...

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piaggio 400 cc scooter refuses to start ?

piaggio xevo 400 cc (08) won't start. the engine spins over really well. suspect fuel starvation due to evaporation. Not used for 4 weeks. Have experienced the same problem during September and the engine started a few days later and is running really well. Have the bike serviced by dealer annually....

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