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Question - mend, repair, fix

Gainsborough sv 800?

the unit has a LOW and HIGH temp setting, when I put it on high, it's unbearably hot and on low, it's not really hot enough......but bearable.

November 2014

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Try turning the temperature dial to colder when on high setting, if it is still hot there is insufficient water flowing through the unit

November 2014

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Gainsborough 8.5 se hot/ cold water problems ?

My shower only seems to be running scolding hot at a trickle then will be cold with a bit more pressure, recently changed the prd as it the old one broke. Work 24hrs before now just not working can here the heater working every few 2-3 minutes quiet loudly...

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Gainsborough 2000x shower?

Hi my shower has been working fine went to use it this morning all lights came on but no water, and I have also noticed that the lights on the front of the shower the top three stay on please can you help....

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Gainsborough 2000x leaking from bottom of copper cylinder ?

Whilst taking a shower, water started leaking from bottom of copper cylinder, cylinder situated on left hand side of unit....

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how do you remove font cover from a gainsborough 9.5kw deluxe electric show?

how do remove the front cover from a gainsborough 9.5 deluxe electric shower...

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Gainsborough Impulse 9.5 electric shower?

Looks like the mixer tap in the centre of the unit is leaking, can this be fixed/replaced easily, are spares available and would the water need to be turned off...

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Gainsborough 9.5 on/off switch repair?

Hi - my Gainsborough 9.5se (or 8.5sdl, serial number implies 9.5, badge says 8.5 - may have had engine replaced by previous owner) was not letting out hot water. I eventually traced it to the pressure valve not coming on to let water in to be heated. I live in a hard water area, so took the shower a...

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Gainsborough Energy 2000x shower stopped working?

Hi I'm not sure what exactly happened as to me this shower always worked fine but as i got back home and someone else has used it, I firstly found that the shower wasn't stopping (the dial of the flow -at the top- to either set it to: Stop/Low/High/Medium wasn't working and the shower was going on ...

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How do I remove the hose from my Gainsborough Energy 2000 shower?

How do I remove the hose from my Gainsborough Energy 2000 shower? It needs to be replaced as it is leaking, but I can't work out how to remove the existing one....

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June 2020

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