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Triton T80z not heating up as well ?

We have had the Triton T80z for approx 2 years with no problems however recently it is no longer heating up as well as it used to. There is still hot water but instead of the dial been turned half way it needs to be turned up higher to get the same heat, problem with that is that the more the dial is turned, the lower the pressure of water. What can this be?

November 2014

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There is a cut out on the outlet pipe to shower head,it sometimes burns up so one of the elements does not work,the temperature dial is designed to alter the speed of the water flow because the heat in the elements is fixed so temperature is altered by how fast the water flows through the shower

November 2014

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triton madrid 2?

I have an old triton madrid shower that as suddenly just started running very hot, can't adjust to cooler setting any ideas? Thanks...

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Triton enrich?

When unit is switched on there is cold water only with good pressure on lowest setting and decreasing as you turn it up. If you keep the temp control in the very high range after a few minutes the water is hot then unit can be turned down and can be used. After two uses the problem is back. All advi...

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Triton Opal 2?

I can't even have a cold shower! The low pressure light is on and nothing is coming out! Help!...

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No power to unit?

Triton Rapide R3 doesnt power on. The light on the box to the cord switch is on however no power lights to the shower unit itself. No water flow, nothing. All apparent fuses on main switch board are on, can't find a separate one or any other for the shower. Ideas welcome please?...

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Same as Adkhan,.?

Same as Adkhan mines 3week old Triton Tesla 2 bar valve (A) Right side temp control cold side. (B) Left side turns shower on off (hot side). so correct self fitted unit have covered all aspects of plumbing over several years. Have not experienced this problem. Good head of water but shower shu...

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how can i fix my triton millennium shower.?

when switched on medium setting led just keeps flashing red but no water output, cannot select any other setting just reverts to medium setting led flashing red ???...

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How can I fix my triton safeguard ?

How can I fix shower low flow and shutdown lights flashing alternately triton safeguard...

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triton millenium 10kw shower in fault?

Why does all three lights on my triton millenium flash (in sequence) and then the unit stops?...

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Can't believe the method worked, but it really did! Thank you.

Dec 2019

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