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Vehicles, Trailers (133 other questions)
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Ford transit custom 2013 key fob?

my key fob casing is damaged and is difficult to use. apart from buying a new Ford unit which is a ridiculous price does anyone out there know were a replacement casing can be bought original or aftermarket. cheers.

December 2014

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Answers - mend, repair, fix try there,,

December 2014

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ford mondeo 2001 clicking?

if i lock my mondeo and go out 2hrs later all i get is a clicking and the dials going mad will this be the starter motor or battery or alternator if i dont lock the car it seems to be ok but it will bump start straight away with only a little speed...

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ford mondeo 2003 gia petrol loosing power when try to drive above 40 ?

losing power not going above 40 also changed new spark leads new spark plags new lemno sencer when car is cold drive above 60 but after driving 10 miles start losing power if try to drive above 30 or 40...

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Trailer Brakes Locking up on my new truck?

I have a 20' flatbed equipment hauler. It has a 6-way metal plug on it and, it works fine with my 2005 chevy 2500hd. I bought a new 2010 ford f250 4x4 put a new brake controler in it and a 6-way to 7-way adapter plug and now as soon as i hook up the trailer to the ford and move 5' the trailer brake...

Click here for how to mend it.
what is wrong with my ford mondeo 2l diesel zetec 2004 model?

there is a hissing noise when i accelerate and the car does not run properly. in the past it does give out black smoke when accelerating and the oil light comes on very infrequently when travelling at low speeds in 4th gear....

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how can I get my trailer lights to work properly?

I had my ford escape wired for a trailer. I put a new set of lights on my little dude trailer. (each light has a big and smaller side bulb) • When I step on the brakes all four lights go on ( two on the left and right) • when I put on the left signal - both lights blink in the left light, but...

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flashing overdrive green light?

why does my 0/D light keep flashing on my 1998 ford mondeo auto, and jumps when changing gears after I have driven about 200 miles or so? does anybody know?...

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Ford mondeo losing/lost power?

My ford mondeo loses power all the time. Cannot accelerate, keeps stalling. Its a 2001 petrol model. Have had the filter/pump , new engine..took to ford garage who hooked it prob showed up, so mech took for a drive and said thought the prob was with filter pump, but have had them changed and...

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why do my trailer brakes lock up on F350?

On my 2008 F350 my trailer(s) all lock up at the slightest touch of the brake. Adjustment on truck is at 0. I have heard of others with this problem. Will Ford fix this or do I have to go somewhere else? What is causing it?...

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Just saved myself £99. Many thanks for the solution. Took 2 minutes.

May 2020

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