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My IItronics imp1805 give error when I play it after one song it's stop ?

My IItronics imp1805 giving error after play one song how can I fix it?

January 2015

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The question: My iitronics imp1805 give error when I play it after one song it's stop ?
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What does IItronics IMP-65 MP3 Player 'No Authority' mean?

Hey, I have a beautiful IItronics IMP-65 MP3 Player (which I am very proud of) but there's three CDs worth of stuff that, when I press the play button, comes up with 'No Authority'. What does that mean and how do I fix it? I'd be very grateful to whoever solves the mystery, and I'd almost love you f...

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trying to copy music on a imp 65 mp3 iitronics?

My mp3 comes up with no file & has never done this before, it syncs music to folder but will not play, is it to do with windows 7 media player ? , ive had the mp3 for years and its only now this is happening....

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what should i do?

i have an iitronics IMP-65. when i insert it into the computer it is detected. but then when i go and try to open it on 'My Computer' it say's 'Please insert a disk into drive E' what shoul i do...

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download site?

what site do you go on to download music onto the mp3 player. the make is iitronics mp3 player....

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IItronics MP3 only plays 10 seconds of one song?

When using my son's mp3 he plays one song but it only plays the first 10 seconds then stops. This is very frustrating esp. on long car journeys. Any ideas how to fix this?...

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usb lead?

does anybody know where i can buy a usb lead for iitronics i player...

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USB Device Not Recognized?

i can't find removable disk on my computer when it ry to open and add new music. it say USB is not recognized i open the removable disk to weeks ago and when i put it after that it saying not recognize.? Help me someone or any one? help help help....... IITRONICS ARE VERY CHEAP QUALITY AND IT...

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IItronics IMP-1805 - how can I play music from "Files"?

My IItronics 4GB IMP - 1805 MP3 player is working OK BUT I cannot find a way of playing music from "Files". The manual is rubbish! The only way of playing a particular album or track is to skip through the whole contents until reaching the one I want. I have tried going through "Files" to "Folde...

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