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t/bird outlook -how to resend emails?

does anyone know how to redsend an email from my t/bird mozilla outlook
i don't want to add the email address again
got a 'zipped' add on 'thing' -but can't find it now or know how to use it

such a simple ask --really

thanks b
March 2015
thank you

May 2015
Assuming that you use Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8/8.1, all ZIP files can be accessed as if they where simple folders directly from the explorer.
On a Mac, you probably have a similar functionality. The same apply to Linux.

In Thunderbird, you have a "Sent" folder where a local copy of e-mails that you sent are stored. Find the message that you want and drag it to the "Draft" folder.
From there, right-click the message and sellect "Edit as new".
You can edit the message or change the recepients any way you want.

Also, Thunderbird automaticaly save the e-mail addresses of messages that you sent to the contacts list. Hit the F9 key when composing a message to open the addresses sidebar from where you can add an address by doubleclicking on it.

March 2015
Once a mail message is sent - it's sent to the address intended.

If you wish to re-send the same message the mail application has no idea what's in your mind about who you wish it to be sent to - you will have to say where you wish it to go.

Your zipped thing will need to be unzipped so that you might see what's in it - do some research on Zip (compress) and Unzip (decompress).

Your lost file will have an extension of DOT ZIP as in

You can use the search feature of your operating system's utilities to find it.

Good luck...
March 2015


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