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Question - mend, repair, fix

How remove case on Qualcast 600w hedge trimmer?

Yep you guessed it .... cut the cable :-(

Need to get inside case for proper repair. Cannot get it apart ... removed 5 obvious screws plus handle and 1 screw under handle but case will still not separate at blade end.
Anyone know what is stopping it and how to get it apart please?

October 2015

Need to mend your Qualcast hedge trimmer?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

I know this was posted a while ago, but just managed to disassemble this hedge trimmer.

There two further screws hidden under the black blade cover.

Remove all of the screws in the black blade cover and rotate the blade section 90 degrees to allow the screw side of the black cover to pass the blade rotation button. You may just need to gently tease the housing apart. As it opens you will see the drive spindle and cog wheel and the green switch and trigger section will separate from the blade section. You will see the hidden screws.

Be careful to note the position of the triggers for reassembly. Also note the position of the collar surrounding the drive spindle, it has two flat sided.

Also be careful when removing the trigger switch as it is mounted on two plastic pillars which can be easily broken.

Hope this help.

April 2017

When this happens to me it's usually down to a screw I had not noticed.

If you can separate the two halves slightly with a small screwdriver then the place where they remain close will point you towards where the rogue screw(s) is.

Miles Tools & Machinery site has exploded diagrams of some Qualcast Trimmers - might help you.

Good Luck...
October 2015

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Does the gear section need grease or lubricating?

I have a Qualcast HTEG 55A corded hedge trimmer, , the blades spin, but do not cut the hedge. I have removed the plastic cover at the base of the handle- cleaned out the grease and leaves etc. What lubricant should be used for the gearing if any?...

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I have a Qulacast Hedge trimmer which runs but the blades are loose.?

I have a Qualcast Hedge Trimmer which normally is great. Now though, the blades have come loose and it does not cut. I have tried tightening the bolts on the blade but that does not work. is there somewhere else I need to check? thanks...

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steel arm on qualcast diagram?

where does the metal strip locate on Qualcast switch box...

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rewiring a qualcast hedge trimmer 380 ?

After cutting the wire whilst hedge cutting, I rewired the black and brown wires into the junction box back according to instructions. It still doesn't work and feel I may have joggled the wires at the back of the black connection box but can't get into it easily to see. Any suggestions....

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How can I fix qualcast hedge trimmer?

Hedgemaster 380 works intermittently. Brushes not worn. Commutator ok. Works when held vertically stops when lowered to horizontal...

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