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Question - mend, repair, fix

how can i remove a Sigma m800 transponda cat 2?

how do yoy remove a Sigma m800 transponda

February 2016

Need to mend your Sigma car alarm system?

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These people may be able to offer advice about your transponder (or transponda)

Theres some more info in the later posts here:

Google is your friend. Use it
February 2016

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The question: how can i remove a sigma m800 transponda cat 2?
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Sigma S30 - Immobilizer problem??

Hi Folks. I have a Sigma S30 fitted to my 1998 MX5 Mk2. I removed the Car battery as it was faulty and after a few weeks I fitted a new replacement. Result ?? The car is immobilised, it would appear that the only key fob I have with the car has lost it's coding with the main unit, and as I bough...

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Alarm turn off?

I have a sigma alarm ac111 with one button and the fob has stopped working. is there a code for the keypad or somithing to shut down the system so i can still use it while i sort the problem as the immobiliser is preventing my from starting it?? Matt...

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sigma s series type ac111 car alarm immobiliser?

Hi I have to put the flob into the space between the driver door and front wing to arm and disarm it also operates the central locking if I try just pointing it at the car or even up against anywhere on the car it wont work it used to tried a new battery and tried the spare flob no deferance any ide...

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How can I reset my sigma AC111 car alarm?

How can i reset my sigma S Series AC111 car alarm. It takes 4 or 5 attempts to start the car as the imobilsier stays on. I have recently bought the car with the alarm fitted but not have any information regading it and to help me sort this problem out....

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how do i change batt?

i have a sigma MPT1340 remote need to replce batt, how do i do this? thankyou!...

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fix my car alarm/ type sigma?

my alarm goes of when I try to start the car( 1998) shogun I have just got the car and the alarm did not seem to work, but now I have this problem is there a way to turn the alarm off, the keyring swab lights up and there is a small red light at the right of the steering wheel but it does not light ...

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Sigma Alarm will not arm, ?

the alarm on my motorhome will not arm - when I press the remote the alarm just keeps on beeping. I have checked all the door sensors they seem ok , If the car battery has been removed and then replaced could that cause problems...

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Silencing the bleep on alrming/disarming ?

My Sigma system (on an 02 Punto ) has always bleeped, in conjunction with flashing the lights, on alarming /disarming .Is there a keypad function to silence this bleeping which can be a nuisance at night.My manual only refers to quieting the door-open warning bleeps. Thanks...

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Can't believe the method worked, but it really did! Thank you.

Dec 2019

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