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Analogue to Digital?

I have an old Sony Trinitron TV model KV-36FS70K set for analogue reception, when I bought it i am sure they said it had 2 tuners analogue and digital ready for when it came in. I cannot find in the menu screens how to change from analogue to digital. Is it possible? Thanks

April 2016

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Thanks boys got recordable set top box all working well... T.V. was the top Sony model at the time hence £2500. LCD was not invented then but Plasma T.V. had just come out, but that was £5000. How prices have dropped with LCD. T.V.s ! Being o.a.p. (like the telly) like to get my£2500 worth,will run it till it drops, or I do! Thanks again

April 2016

Saw your comment about the set costing £2500. Seems overpriced but there again, that was a big set 17 years ago.

Yes, you can use an external set top box (Either Freeview or Freesat) to get digital TV and you can opt to have one with a built in hard disk recorder, into the bargain (PVR). Check out Humax.

There's no need to get a high definition PVR as your set wouldn't do justice to the picture and you'd need to make sure that whatever set top box you do get has a SCART output as your set doesn't have an HDMI connector.

In all honesty, I'd be tempted to spend the money that you'd shell out on a PVR on a branded high definition 40 - 50 inch LED set (but do check out the sound quality)

April 2016

Cheers boys for your help, I know naff all about T.V.s . Have got and read the manual and on page 25 where it says other features it says "second tuner" This I thought was the digital tuner they told me was ready for when digital came in. Set cost £2500 don't want to throw it away. Suppose it will work with a set top box? Sorry about 90 lost seconds but call me on your last day on earth and I'll keep you going another 90 seconds. Thanks again for reply and any more thoughts on above.(the TV part)

April 2016

Ken. Is this some kind of April Fools Day joke?

It took me 30 seconds of my life that I won't get back to search for, locate and download the manual and another 60 seconds which again I won't get back, to learn this is an ancient PAL/NTSC TV set (i.e., Analogue only).

May one suggest this:

And this time RTFM!!!
April 2016

If you have the ability on the set or on the remote control to select the source (signal source) DTV is digital - ATV is analogue and there may be other options for Video machines too - SCART.

The TV needs to be told what signal to process.

Good Luck...
April 2016

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May 2020

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