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Piaggio relay?

Hi trying to start my Piaggio x9 125 2001 turn key hold in brake leaver all I here is click click from the relay at back so I took relay of and bridge the red wires lots of sparks and smoke but this turned the bike over can some body tell me is it the relay that has stopped working just clicking many thanks

April 2016

Need to mend your Piaggio 125 motorcycle?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

If you hear the relay click then it's working
If you hear the relay go click click click it's working but very probably dropping out because as it sends power to the starter the battery voltage drops to too low a value to maintain the relay - so the relay drops out - and the battery voltage goes up and the relay gets activated again and so it repeats.

It seems to me that the battery does not have enough power to turn the engine over

Look to your battery - the clicking from the relay is normal - you just don't usually hear it because (a) it only happens once and (b) the noise of the engine turning over drowns it out.

This happens on my car when the battery runs out of power click clickety click.

Good Luck...
April 2016

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Hi there I bought a bike as a project, everything worked fine except the (headlight, front and rear indicators and the horn) I have cleaned the connections, checked full loom for breaks or bad connections or frayed wires and still no luck. It's a new battery also Any help or advice would ...

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bypassing fob?

I have a piaggio skipper 125, the guy i aquired it from, has lost the fob for the immobilser!! its a round shaped fob size of a penny. I think before you turn the key your supposed to make contact with this to its oposite other on the scoot!! I have the flashing led..and i have the master key, once ...

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piaggio 125?

how do i fix the petrol censor on a piaggio 125...

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piaggio 125 fly ,wont start ,all the lights work but wont start?

my piaggio 125 fly wont start , all the lights work but engine wont, any ideas...

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piaggio fly 125?

i just got the bike 2 days ago and i was wandering how come the headlights doesnt turn off??...

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Piaggio B 125?

Hello. I have a 02 plate piaggio beverly 125 (B125) Its 100% standard I left it for a quite a few weeks without running it. I came back and battery was flat so I charged it. Took a bit to start and It ticks over lovely but when you twist throttle it just dies. As it gets warmer. (I left it warm u...

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piaggio fly 125?

hi the i wonder if you can help me i just done the carb on my piaggio fly 125 and it seems a bit draggy would it be the drive belt and rollers cus when i ride off it seem to go really slow like its slipping. and it speeds up slowly,but doesnt go fast straight away like it should ive dont the carb a...

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piaggio typhoon 125?

I would just like to thank Adam and M for there help Alan Taylor...

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