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no dvd rom /device start up = press f1?

Have a Dell 980 SFF -wdws 7 pro -i5 3.2ghz
the dvd rom is missing -but wires still in pc -on start up keeps showing no sata /device -press F1 to continue
how can i stop this happening -so starts up without the need to press F1--can't get a dvd rom yet to fit

June 2016

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thanks heaps electro
diasbled in bios -start up -perfect --no f1
thanks again

July 2016

You must open the BIOS configuration. Most computers Use the "Del" key, but several will use one of the Fn key, often the F8 key, during the initial boot, when you see the POST screen or the Dell splash screen.
Then, find your way to the list of the drives, find the reference for the missing DVD and set it to "None" or "Disabled".
You may also look at the boot sequence and make sure that it start with the actual drive and not any CD/DVD, floppy or USB device.

June 2016

sorry ''june'' he he- i mean 'good luck'
after turning pc on =notice comes up
'press F1 to start'---when F1 is then pressed pc starts up -but will not until it is pressed-
this notice comes up -because there is no dvd rom in/ connected
i just want to be able to disable something - to stop this happening -and just start up when i turn on

amateur pc lad
June 2016

Watch this video...

The BIOS tells where the Operating System (OS) should be loaded from - Hard Disk or DVD (CDRom) or on very old machines Floppy Disk.

You do not say what happens if you actually press F1 but no matter.

The BIOS will attempt to load the OS from the place you tell it and you can dictate which.

Your BIOS is trying to load the OS from a CDRom - and there is no CDRom. So you should set it up to boot from Hard Disk.

If the hard disk is bad - in any way - you will need to rebuild the OS (operating system) on a good hard disk using the OS media and a CD disk drive.

My sign-off name is Good Luck...
June is the date...

Good Luck...
June 2016

thanks June but-
can i just disable something to stop this message coming up --
so pc just starts up without the need to press f1

amateur pc lad
June 2016

Amazon will sell you an inexpensive DVD.

No SATA device suggests that the software loaded from the BIOS chip can not see a device to load the operating system (boot) from - no hard disk & no removable media device (DVD) available.

To rebuild the operating system you will need the OS media - a DVD to read it and a good hard disk on which to write it.

Alternatively you might consider a new low-end & inexpensive laptop. I would...

Good Luck...
June 2016

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