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How can I fix my
Satellite Navigation?
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How can I fix my Citroen Berlingo?
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Navigation, Satellite Navigation (2180 other questions)
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Mend > Satellite Navigation

Question - mend, repair, fix

how can i fix my Binatone sat nav ?

my sat nav has frozen its a Binatone

paul stewart
August 2016

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Need to mend your Binatone satellite navigation?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

You don't say the model,anyway look on the back and you might see a tiny hole,stick a cocktail stick or similar in to it gently,it hopefully will reset it.

August 2016

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The question: how can i fix my binatone sat nav ?
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Sat nav won't work.?

My Binatone Sat Nav model R430 won't activate. When I press navigation it reads Licence file error, and then Yes. What do I do!...

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Will not navigate ?

I have a binatone f350 which won't do anything when I touch the navigate symbol on the screen. If I touch the other symbol on the same part of the screen it goes to that menu, when I first plugged it in we could use this fine but now it won't please help regards Elaine...

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converting from old location under new owner location?

pervious owner up north,to new owner in south east,for binatone a430 looks it may broken.cant load into binatone a430.can you help....

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frozen Binatone sat nav?

my binatone A350 has frozen on the opening screen any ideas on how to get it working again...

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my binatone x350?

i have a smashed sceen /cracked how can i get it replaced...

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I want to put tomtom maps onto my binatone sat nav?

I have download the Europe tomtom maps and wanted to put them onto my binatone satnav. I have put them onto my memory card but I isnt detecting the new maps. Can someone tell me how to do this ?...

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my sat nav wont connect to grs why?

my new binatone f350 wont connect to grs...

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My binatone b430 does not turn on?

Sat nav does not turn on at all no power even wen plugged in...

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Amazing. Thank you for this ingenious fix.

Nov 2020

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How can I repair my DVD drive?
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