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Question - mend, repair, fix

Starting problem?

I have a Peugeot j5, it will start up and run well but when you turn it off it will not restart

February 2017

Need to mend your Peugeot caravans / motorhome?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

So how do you start it in the first place?

February 2017

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how cn i fix my 206 peugeot?

I drive a 206SW peugeot automatic transmission. When I drive it, it normally starts fine, but when I stop the car, the earbox goes into emergency mode. This happens when I stop it when in Drive. But when I engage Neutral before stopping, it pulls away just fine....

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water tank overflows?

i have a peugeot executive autosleeper. When i fill the fresh water tank it overflows from the top of the tank, cascading water everywhere. Any ideas? Is there a stopper which could have come loose?...

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peugeot boxer 2.8hdi 2006 loss of power under load?

engine management light comes on when engine under load going uphill, light goes out when changing gear ie, foot off accelerator, but comes back on when engine under load again. approx 2800-3000 revs....

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where can i download a haynes manual for free for peugeot 206 2000 model?

need a manual for peugeot 206...

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3 red lights appearing on dash peugeot 206?

3 red lights appear on my dashboard when i turn a sharp corner. I have a peugeot 206 can anyone tell me what this means?...

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my front and rear wipers and washers are not working on a peugeot 107?

my wipers back and front and screen wash back and front, have all stopped working at the same time on my pegeot 107. there is not even any noise coming from them. has anybody got any ideas wht may be wrong....

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door mirror fixing bolts peugeot 206?

i ve taken my old broken mirror off peugeot 206 w reg which has a ali back the new mirror is plastice and the orginal bolt are no good ,i think the new mirror has so sort of self tapping screws can anyone help me please...

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cam belt?

when should the belt be changed,on a peugeot 2.5 talbot. I believe it was changed at around 50.000,and it has done 58.000TC...

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July 2020

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