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Hudl 2 windows 7?

Windows 7 on both hudl2 and PC have tried various USB leads and still the b....d wont connect. Have had similar problems before but this time it doesn't want to know. Always the b....dy same if its urgent the connection plays up. the odd photo added no problem connects and load up photo disconnect fine a day later connects again more photo's now want to add caravan toilet parts list and the b....d wont connect...
Any Ideas ?
Many thanks.

Bob uk
March 2017

There is more help available. Mend - hudl, 2, windows, 7

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Notwithstanding "Good Luck's" contribution, any transferred file should be seen in the file explorer, whether there is an application that can handle the file or not.

A quick Google search provides some interesting similar problems:

The $64,000 question: have you upgraded to Lollipop?

Whatever, it may still be worth posting in the above specialist Android forums.

This MAY be of some help:


March 2017

You appear to be having problems sending files (a file) from one machine to another via a usb cable - each machine running Windows 7 - some files can be transferred successfully.

You ask for ideas.

All files have an extension such as .pdf meaning Portable Document Format or .txt meaning text or .doc meaning Microsoft Word.

You do not say the extension of your failing file and you do not say if there's an error message.

It may be that the file is actually transferred between the machines but that the receiving machine has no application that can handle (and display) the particular file.

That is my idea.

Using expressions such as b...dy and b...d does not improve your communication.

Good Luck...
March 2017

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predicted driving me nuts replacing words with ones I've not typed. Samsung Galaxy T580 word is loaded. it occurs on emails word itself and facenook ( eg: left I typed face book, it inserts facenook) thanks, stay safe...

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Seems to be already loaded app can only disable or force stop. Q: opening word or xcel you have a file list left of screen, in that list are many files i deleted but still show in name/ title, making an extremely long list. These are files in title name only having deleted the file but titles o...

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Tablet takes up to five taps for screen tap to open send emails open find files or folders. fine when hesitation. I have checked on settings advance features for screen sesativity and that feature is not on mine. All i am doing is cleaning the screen with little changes maybe 3....

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Samsung tablet?

Just wondering if anyone used snakemasert on Android tablet. got a Samsung tablet S580 OTG compatible a requirement to operate *snake master viewers that go to places where humans fear to tread (Drains). Would it be powerful enough to run both camera and light? *Snake master is the on...

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Galaxy A6 tablet?

Galaxy A6 tablet I could not understand why I received no further respons from emails I replied to. Searching found sent folder empty then looked in spam folder there I found the six previous replied to emails. Just replied to another and its neither in sent or spam folders. Why does replied to...

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Can I replace the screen on my Alba 7Nou tablet?

I have cracked the screen on my Alba 7Nou tablet and I want to know if changing the screen is possible....

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Microsoft word?

Same as Bob UK 1. Getting rid of read only word file. All others can be edited or deleted the word app was already on my Galaxy A6 so can't be uninstalled only force stop or disable but warns it might effect other apps. 2. Other help searches say 'right click on file' how when tablet has n...

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Deleting in word?

I have new toy a Galaxy A6 tablet, on it is Microsoft word, on thatw is a read only document that doesn't allow changes or deletion. I never put protections on any file I just transfer important ones to external drive via laptop. Attempts to delete this document is thwarted by " you haven't perm...

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