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Question - mend, repair, fix

+How to find component bad on IC board? ?

I have a Magnavox VHS (Model VR3210AT01) tape recorder that blows 125 Volt, 1.6 Amp Fuses.
If there is a component bad in the electronic board, HOW can I find it? What sould I do?

Leighton Michael
September 2017

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Need to mend your Magnavox cassette recorder?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Check the electrolytic Capacitors on the power supply board for bulging or leaking. Also check the MOV's which may have popped during a power surge.

February 2018

Go to college for several years, get a job in electronics until you learn enough to understand how stuff works, what can go wrong with it and what happens under fdault conditions.

You probably have a power supply problem.

Considering VHS recorders arec pretty much museum pieces, you may be better thinking about moving on to DVD, bluray or streaming.

September 2017

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my tv Magnavox 20ms3442/17 is in child lock mode how do i unlock without the remote? I got this thing used from a neibor, no remote with it, & accidentally engaged the child lock....

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How do I remove a stuck VHS tape from a Combo Tv/Vcr? It's a magnavox 13".?

I am having Christmas the 2nd of Jan I need an answer do u have one? I appreciate kindly! Thanks...

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Magnavox VCR/DVD Combo model#:MWD2205?

My friends cassette got stuck in the cassette carriage and he was able to take it out, but now when I try to hand cycle the carriage,It doesnt move up to the loading position....

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Why would a VCR tape play sound on one deck but not another ?

I recently ordered an old time recording from a supplier but twice I've recieved tapes that won't play any sound, yet when I sent them back, the supplier says the sound is fine. I've no reason to doubt them, but that doesn't help my problem. I've got two VCRs and neither one will play any sound, a...

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