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My water heater in my elddis caravan?

The gas water heater works but the out put hose has been snapped off so when you operate the taps water flows out onto floor where the hose is broken off how can I fix it

Charles scott
October 2018

There is more help available. Mend - water, heater, caravan

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Hi. I bought a caravan Elddis Thyphoon GTX. If you can send me an instruction pdf. for working with it. Thanks.

Rumen Enev
October 2020

If I'm not too late Yes! with push fit connectors. Easy and always carry a straight connector and an elbow as spares. That is CARAVAN connectors not house ones. don't poke anything in the connector other than the hose. finger can get trapped and its off to hospital to cut it off, no! the fitting. I repaired mine this year

November 2018

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how to get gas on fridge ?

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Fixed my Mira Sport with this issue in 30 minutes.

Feb 2021

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