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Question - mend, repair, fix

no display?

Toshiba satellite pro p300-21f,
turn on and nothing, NO lights NO bleeping NO display.
was working fine a few hours ago.?

November 2018

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

thanks electro,
I have another cpu and someone who can fit it.
will also try ram.

December 2018

Have power and the fan work.
There is power for the motherboard as the fans are connected to it.

That look bad.
It could be from benign to slightly bad to very bad :
1) Unseated RAM.
2) Bad RAM.
3) Corrupted BIOS/UEFI (low probability).
4) CPU failure or Mother board failure.

Disconnect and remove the battery before proceeding !
Unseated RAM (benign):
Open the case.
Locate the RAM modules.
Remove them one by one and put back in the same location.
Close the case.
Power up.
If it work, YES ! it was about nothing.

It don't work.
Bad RAM (not to bad).
Open the case and remove the RAM modules.
It may be interesting to place it in another computer and perform a memory test, or swap it with the RAM from another computer. Not for the faint of hearth.
Buy new ones. Bring and show the original modules to the seller. You want the same or larger amount.
Put the new RAM in place.
Close the case and power up.

And now for the very BAD = probably dead computer :

As you apparently did not recently flash your BIOS/UEFI, a problem there is unlikely. If it's just a configuration problem, it may be possible to reset it to factory default, IF it can be done with a jumper or similar. A bad flashing can brick a computer and make re-flashing impossible.

If it still don't work, it mean that your CPU or motherboard have probably failed and need to be replaced. You don't have the tools to diagnose, and probably lack the knowledge. Need a professional.
Easier, and probably cheaper to get a new computer.
Keep the drive from the old computer and put in an external enclosure. All your files are there, intact.

December 2018

I have power and the fan is working but no display.
battery and charger are OK.
could it possibly be the cpu?

December 2018

It looks like you have no power.
Can it turn on when connected to the charger ?
Is the charger properly plugged in ?
Can you try with another charger ? If so, does it work ?

It can be a faulty charger or a faulty battery.
Check both and replace if needed.

December 2018

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