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Gazelle W11?

I have a number of Westwood tractor mowers and look after them myself.
I recently purchased a Gazelle-w11 from the original owner with a rusted out cutter deck, the machine is in otherwise good condition so I decided to remove the deck and use it as a tractor to tow a trailer on my farm. All has gone well other than while it starts on the key, is charging ,lights work but there is no ignition light and if the engine is slowed to tick over the lights flicker and the engine stops. It would seem that the engine is not receiving power from the battery. I think that I have isolated the safety switches correctly as both the amber warning lights come on.
I like to keep these old machines running and would be very grateful for advice.
Best wishes,

November 2019

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electric start wont.?

secondhand westwood, model unknown, wont start on key, and after jump starting battery runs down which means it aint charging itself. where do l look first please, a electrician l aint, Dave T from Dorset...

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how to tension transmission belt on westwood 1600h ?

how do i tension drive belt on the drive belt for transmission...

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Melting wiring on Westwood t1200?

Hi I have a t1200 Westwood mower I put a new loom on it. Because it melted the other one soon as I turned the ignition on it got the harness hot and melted the wire to the ignition coil and melted the coil as well all wires are correct please help...

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starting problem?

westwood s1300 will not start new plug plenty of spark/ new oil/plenty of fuel but will not fire...

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Westwood T1200 electromagnet disengaged for no reason?

I was using my Westwood T1200 when the electromagnet just disengaged and would not switch back on. I can hear a solenoid clicking under the dash but it is not kicking in the big 'clunk' that engages the cutter. Any ideas please. H...

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Drive belt Westwood T1200 ?

How do I replace the drive belt on a Westwood T1200?...

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Gearbox problems?

Looking for some inspiration! I have 3 westwood ride on mowers, when in drive all three sort of momentarily drop out of drive and back in. There's no noise with it, it's just a continual stop start effect that gets worse. I took the good back axle/gearbox out of my oldest one and refitted it to the ...

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westwood t1200?

can any 1 give the quick low down on how ro remove a briggs and stratton engine from a t1200? got to undoing all bolts but can't lift the engine due to mounting for fly wheels-how do i get that sucker off or thru the deck hole? thanks for any help....

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Thank you so much for your help. All programs are working perfectly!

Oct 2020

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