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showing zone 6 and 7 open and wont arm?

i have got scantronic 9651 ewith 9943 keypad. it was working fine till there was a power cut for 12 hours. when power came back the time gone to default time and the alarm wont set. i changed the time and put the original code back but now when i try to set it says zone 6 & 7 open.

November 2019
It appears panel has defaulted if you had to reprogramme your code! Assuming there are no detectors on the open zones they will need to be programmed as unused. Control panel battery sounds like it will need replaced as well. Can’t tell you how to reprogram panel here but engineer manuals freely available if you do a search. Make sure you read and understand it before doing it or your system may not respond the way you want it to! If you don’t understand it get someone in.

Alan McKenzie
November 2019


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