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2006 F150 cobra alarm?

I have an 2006 Ford F150 truck Cobra alarm lately the alarm system keep sounding off for several hours when parked it's driving me crazy.... what could be the problem.... please help!!!!

November 2019

Need to mend your Ford car alarm system?

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The most likely fault will be the switch in one of the doors that detects if the door has been opened.. Could be known as the 'Door Ajar' switch.
Will probably be bent or worn and need replacing. You'll need to refer to a service manual for your specific model to find it's exact location and part number. This will probably involve removing inner door trim/card and inspecting the lock mechanism if there isn't an obvious push in plunger switch stick out of the door frame

November 2019

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S reg Ford Escort Finesse immobiliser?

My S reg Escort Estate just suddenly stopped working. It was fine the last time I drove it, the battery is fine, have had it tested by a mechanic and there is nothing wrong with the starter motor. When I turn the key, there is nothing, no clicks, no stutters, just silence. The radio works, clock, et...

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mk 1 mondeo alarm/ immobilisor?

fitted second /hand front driver door because i could not lock the doors / everything fine at the end of day 1 road tested ect . locked car .day 2 unlocked car central locking working ok. put key in ign. alarm sounding and iimm. wont let engine turn , ford s say remove battery lead for 30 min .this ...

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1999 ford focus tddi immobiliser module?

Hi i wondered if anybody can tell me where the immobiliser module is located on a 1999 focus tddi.thanks in anticipation of anybodys help...

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how do I turn off the security alarm on my 1995 ford probe?

How do I disable my factory equiped security alarm? there is not a fob but when the door is opened the flasher blinks the lights. Is there anyway to totaly dis able the security?...

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new battiers in t reg mondeao?

how do i reset central locking 4 a t reg mondeao after changing the battiers . light on fob work's and light in car is flashing to so any body got any clues to get it working as i dont really want to get ford to do it...

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Ford Escort (96) locking system?

Hi, I'm trying to install a car alarm that locks the doors - the only issue i can see is that the locking system has 6 wires feeding it - how do i find the correct one? I tried using a test lamp to find negative/positive, but when i wire it in, it blows the locking fuse?!...

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Bypass 1999 1.8 ford focus immobiliser?

I had to change the barrel in the car and the key is now different, the car will not start as the key isnt the right one for the immobiliser! is there any way to bypass it...

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i need to fix remote central locking on a 52 plate ford mondeo.?

the rear left door on my 52 plate ford mondeo 1.8lx is not locking. the alarm will set but the door is always open. all other doors and boot lock fine and it has nothing to do with the child locks as i have explored that avenue so i need help....

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July 2020

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