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Why does my Sportcraft Tx 4.9 run slowly?

When I turn on my Sportcraft Tx 4.9 treadmill, it changes speed fine as long as their isn't any weight on the belt. As soon as I step on the belt (I only weigh 170 lbs.) the speed drops very low and it won't speed up even if I push the + button to increase the speed. What can I do to fix this problem?

Dennis Custer
January 2020

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I don't know about your specific treadmill, but I can offer some general advice that would probably apply to your machine. The first thing to rule out would be the tension of the belt. Unless your owner's manual gives alternative advice, to adjust the tension of the belt would require removing the plastic shell that covers the motor and power circuits located where the mains cable enters the machine. Disconnect the mains power first, then locate and remove the screws that hold this motor cover in place. Remove the cover to expose the motor and you will probably find a long threaded bolt that when adjusted will pull back the front roller that is driven by the motor. As the roller is pulled back the main belt will become tighter and prevent it slipping. A slipping belt would give you the problem that you describe.
If this does not help, let us know and we can suggest the next steps to take.

January 2020

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Is there anywhere i can find a motor control board for my sportcraft tx4.9 ?

Is there anywhere i can find a motor control board for my sportcraft tx4.9 treadmill?...

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How can I fix a Sportcraft Tx 335 treadmill?

Mistakenly pressed 2 buttons at the same time. Machine stopped and the number 7 displayed in all windows. Unplugged it for a bit to see if it would clear. Now a single number 7 shows in far left window. Don't have owners manual. Any ideas?...

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i have a TX355 sportcraft treadmill and i need a piece that just broke were can i find it is called ROHS FH-3555-PTT VER:A1 were can i find it?...

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remplacer l'aimant démareur,(rouge.)?

L'aimant démareur rouge est cassé,. Plus rien pour le faire fonctionner,. où puis-je acheter ce petit morceau pour me servir de mon tapis roulant, Sportcraft TX 400....

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My tx4.9 sportcraft treadmill has power but wont run just has a 7 in the ca?

Has power but won't run has a 7 in the calorie spot...

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need speed sensor wheel?

I have a sportcraft tx335 have they gone out of business can't find parts for it talk to a rep from push pedal pull and they said can no longer get parts...

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My treadmill stops when it hits 3 and will not go. Do not know what to do?

I have a Sportcraft TX400. It was given to me. When I went to use it, it got to 3 then completely stopped. Tried various things, but nothing. Do I have to reset something?...

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How can i fix my tx400 sportcraft treadmill model #04040.?

I start to walk on my treadmill and it will stop for a second or like skip then continue for a bit and then it will do it again. I lubricated it and it is still doing it. Anybody have any ideas. Thanks for the help....

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