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What's causing the toilet macerator to misfire?

I had a Turboflush macerator installed about 4 years ago. Over the past 2 months, it began to fail to activate when it should, i.e., flushing the toilet or while using the wash basin or while running the walk-in shower. It has now reached a stage where it would only activate once I switch the electric switch on-and-off (normally once). Just last week the water in the shower pan wasn't running off and had water leaking in the room below. What would be the cause(s) please?

March 2020
Think I would be looking at replacing the pressure switch as it activates to start the timer running of corse you should just check to see if the pressure pick up pipe to the switch is it blocked.

April 2021
Hi Dendee,
This could be caused by a blockage in the macerator mechanism, water tank or outflow pipe. Also a failing microswitch on the float valve would cause similar problems.
Switch off at the mains and open up the unit to see if you can locate one of the above issues. I can assure you, it won't be pretty in there and you'll need decent gloves and a strong stomach!
Below you will find a useful link on how to sort problems with Saniflow units:

Poor installation of the outflow pipework can also cause problems, make sure the pipe exits at 45 degrees - the installation instructions will show what I mean by this.

April 2020


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