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Question - mend, repair, fix

Keeps going off,,,when NOT set?

My 9448+ will go off in the middle of the night and we have'nt even set it?....Any ideas?

May 2020

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Thanks Alan, that confirms my suspicions - unfortunately i do not have a ladder big enough for that so will have to get someome round....will keep you informed.

May 2020

hi les, ok, if outside sounder is activating then tamper fault is in that circuit. possibly a wiring fault, but if you immediately reset the system and the tamper light goes out then the fault is no longer present.

i would suggest that the cover on the external sounder, which will have some kind of tamper or properly called an anti tamper device. Either a small spring under compression or more likely a micro switch with a long metal lever attached is opening, activating the alarm. the lever will be bent to face the wall and when the cover is in place the switch is pressed closed. same applies to a spring device. you should be able to hear the clicking of either switch as you replace the cover.

have had many experiences of the spring, especially the lever type, flattening out after a long period of time, and when sunlight (or even cold) hits the cover there is enough movement to momentarily open the switch and cause a problem.

I would check this first before looking for any wiring problems although you may find the internal components of the sounder are showing signs of corrosion which might also explain the problem.

May 2020

Hi, thank you for that alan.
Inside and outside sounder goes off, "Tamper" light shows up....usually at around 7 AM.

I checked it all over last year as we just bought the house. Battery in panel was toasted...replaced with new battery and it worked fine...thats about 6 months or so ago.

May 2020

Hi Les, never ceases to amaze me that people are surprised that their alarm can sound whilst unset!

there are various tamper circuits fitted which if disturbed will do just that. Did the outside sounder activate or was it just internal as it will make a difference to the answer?

what was displayed on the led keypad when you entered the code? Again it will make a difference to the answer. Did it reset?

However, in my experience if there have been no other problem with the alarm, my first port of call would the control panel battery. if it’s more than 5 years old or the panel is hot or showing any signs of heat damage i suspect it will need replaced!

May 2020

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June 2020

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