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Mend > Hedge Trimmers

Question - mend, repair, fix

I have broken the brown live wire going to the main wire block?

On the brown wire inside the Bosch Hedge cutter there is a glass inline fuse capasitator or diode can this be replaced and with what or is the hedge trimmer a right off

John james
June 2020

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Need to mend your Bosch hedge trimmer?

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In addition to the answer below, I suspect it's just a blown fuse. If you look at this glass tube, can you see a fine wire inside? The wire will be intact if the fuse is good, otherwise if the wire is missing or there are little bits floating about inside the glass you will need to change it. The fuse rating will be stamped in small letters on the metal end cap, use these to source the correct fuse and simply replace.
There will, of course, be a reason why this fuse blew and that issue will need addressing too.

June 2020

It would help to see a picture. Put it on imgur or similar and post the link here. It is unlikely to be a diode, probably not a capacitor if it is just inline in one wire. It might conceivably be a thermal fuse or possibly a normal fuse. You don't have the knowledge to tell so a photo would be very useful

June 2020

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I have cut through the power cord of my Bosch AHS 50 hedge trimmer. I have the electrical skills to replace the cord, but I cannot open the case. There is one deeply recessed screw with a non-standard head. Is there any way to open the case without going to a Bosch service agent?...

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when i tried mine this morning it just made a noi'se and the cutting blades only go one way, so it can't cut anything, what do i have to do?...

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Bosch AHS48-16 Hedge trimmer faulty on & off switch?

My AHS-48 Trimmer works intermittently if I hold it in a different position sometimes it works...

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Bosch Hedge trimmer AHS 42 - 16?

one of the screws which hold the two halfs of the frame/outer cover has a "pin" in the cente of it stopping you from putting the screw driver in to remove the screw, how do I get that screw OUT...

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what size of fuse do i need for my bosch ahs 48-16 hedge cutters?

the plug says 13amp the broken fuse i took out was a 3 amp does it matter which size?...

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Oct 2020

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