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Delonghi DEM10 noisy?

How can I fix a noisy Dem 10 model dehumidifier? Is it maybe the compressor failing or the fan about to fail. Thanks

January 2021

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DeLonghi DEM10 fan not spinning?

Crying in tears here, owned my lovely dehumidifier for about 7 years now, never any problems occurred!! However, my DEM110 is not collecting any water. Power is on, PCB works. I have opened the case after struggling for about 2 hours... And have discovered loads of dust, all cleaned now, the unit is...

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Does changing 1uf capacitor fix abnormal defrost light behaviour?

I have had my Delonghi DEM10 for around 5 years. It has worked flawlessly until now. The Defrost light flashes in room temperatures greater than 20 degrees C. If I turn the unit off when the Defrost light is flashing, wait a few seconds and turn it back on, the defrost light will sometimes behave no...

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Capacitor on delonghi dem10?

What capacitor is on the PCB of a delonghi dem10...

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dead delonghi dem 10?

I have my DEM 10 about 4 years and it is only used from October to March and only at night in our conservatory ie about 4 hours per night not over used. When I retreived it from the loft and plugged in ,the power light lit very briefly then out and never lit again or worked again .I checked the mai...

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Compressor not cutting in?

Hi, I have one of these dehumidifiers (delonghi dem10) and there is no output to the compressor live wire (red) off the PCB. I joined it to the fan live and the compressor and the fan ran ok, this was just to test the compressor, obviously not a permanent fix. Is the fault described here (faulty cap...

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Replacement fan for Delonghi DEM 10 EX2?

Hi - does anyone know where I can get a replacement (or equivalent) fan for a Delonghi DEM 10 EX 2 dehumidifier - it's an XFAN 12v DC 0.36A brushless (RSH13635S1) and the bearings have gone. I have tried much web searching to no avail....

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DeLonghi Dem 10 humidifier keeps stopping?

In my case the Dem 10 Dehumidifier runs for two minutes then shuts down leaving the green light indicator on. I switch it off and then the same cycle starts again....

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Delonghi dem 10 leaking water when full?

It wasent full to the very top there was a gap and loads of water leaked out don't no we're it came from its working fine other than that...

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Help wanted!
Wish I had found this post sooner. Thank you so much for the tip!

Dec 2020

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