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2 cds stuck in cdr500 .. what next?

ok ... somebody I love has accidently inserted a second cd into the CDR500 player in our zafira ... the eject mechanism seems to be working but neither cd emerges ... how can i remove it???

February 2007

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Cake knife with double-sided sticky tape worked a treat! The car's previous owners had jammed two CDs into a player meant for one. Once I got the first CD out the second ejected normally. Result!

July 2016

Thankyou, sticky tape around a thin bladed knife, one i use for spreading butter worked for me. Press eject at the same time you try to pull it out.

August 2014

Brilliant - sharp knife and sticky tape saved us from a long journey with grumpy boys

June 2013

Double sided tape on a cake knife etc done in seconds

Feb 2013

February 2013

In my case solid tweezers + thin screwdriver to separate discs helped.

July 2012

Help, 2 disc in sat nav. Have them both out but now wont read sat nav disc and when there is no disc in sat nav it keeps searching for a disc. HELP

May 2012

Thanks so much, my husband is smiling again!

November 2010

Works, Brilliant! got 2 discs stuck in my astra and didnt know how to get them out. i tried taking unit out (factory installed) but it had no manual eject button asnd only resulted in my marking the centre console.
Used a bread knife with stickytape and it worked within 30 seconds!! Thank you.

March 2010

the emery board inserted right the way in and push the eject button worked like a dream but found i had to turn off the player and turn on again to eject the second one. thanks for the tip its saved me around sixty pounds. glen from penzance

glen from penzance
March 2010

Oh. My. God.


(My mother forget she'd left her CD in the stereo of my '06 CTS and then THOUGHT she was putting her CD in. Result= two jammed in player! In a car I haven't had 2 months.)

Not brave enough tonight to see if it's working now. Just glad the CDs came out.

July 2009

Thank you Steve.

Had the same problem tried evevything, even crochet needle.

The emery board got it on the first try.

November 2008

We've just had almost exactly the same problem with a zafira on a test drive... Someone had accidentally put the cd in the sat nav drive on top of the sat nav disc. After quite a few attempts with a knife we tried a soft emery board, i slid it in almost to the back of the unit above both discs and held down the eject button. Whether it was by luck rather than judgement the top CD slid out and the mechanism still worked to eject the sat nav disc. As both the sat nav and cd drives are essentially the same it might be worth a try.
There are some very relieved faces around here at the moment... good luck

Steve D
February 2007

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A tiny bit of WD-40 and 3 seconds later... was working!

Dec 2017

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