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Question - mend, repair, fix

How can I unlock my Panasonic Omnivision VHS?

By mistake I locked my Panasonic Omnivision VHS Recorder. The Model is: PV-7455S. My VCR has a Lock Feature, and I locked it by mistake. I tried to cancel the VCR lock feature for a very long time last night, but no luck. Here are the instructions: hold down STOP/EJECT on the VCR for 7 seconds again while in Stop or Power OFF mode. The message comes up "VCR Lock Activated," so, I cannot play a tape or record a tape. I would really appreciate some help. In other words, you go through the same steps to lock or unlock the VCR lock feature. But, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. At the bottom of the instructions it says: "VCR Lock mode is cancelled automatically after 24 hours as long as the clock is set. I was up very early this morning trying to fix this and I tried it several times. I've had my VCR for several years and this is the first problem that I 've had with it. I would really appreciate some help.

January 2005

Need to mend your Panasonic cassette recorder?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Wow I just want to day thank you for helping me un lock the vcr on my Panasonic tv dvd I hold the rec button for 7sec and it worked this is my kids tv and they have every walt disney movie thanks for the help and support and may GOD BLESS YOU ALL

August 2016

How can I unlock my Panasonic Omivision DVD child lock? It is asking for a code and we do not know
what the code is...

Gayna YEager
February 2014

press and hold the reord button for seven seconds this Will unlock the VCR.

March 2013

You guys are awesome!!! Thanks

November 2011

I can not transfer some of old VHS tapes to my computer. Recording programme indicates that the tape can not be copied. How can I unlock my VHS tapes? help.

Adam Smith
October 2011

thanks to charles my vcr is no longer locked!! held rec button for 7 secs and BOOM!

October 2011

Buy a new one and keep the economy rolling.

February 2011

First unplug the T.V. then:

-Unscrew the casing of the television. (6-7screws)

-seperate the 2 casing halfs and then plug the T.V. back in.

-Then the tape should eject itself (or press eject on the t.v).

e-mail me poisen2468 hotmail

March 2010

My Panasonic V4523S instructs to hold rec button for
7 cecs w/no tape in. this toggles on/off.

January 2010

finally simple instructions that work, I was finally able to unlock the vcr. I just pushon the eject button for 10 seconds then turn it on with the universal remote and it worked.

August 2009

Thanks! I held down the stop/eject button for about 10 secs in stop mode and it flashed "vcr lock cancelled" . Perfect!! Thanks for the excellent advice!! :)

July 2008

Thanks!! I used my remote and stop/eject on the machine and it worked!!! I had to buy a All in one remote and use the code from the instruction manual given for the model. Easy! I would have never figured it out though without looking on here for help.

September 2007

Just an FYI...this also applies to the Panasonic Omnivision TV/VCR combo (Model number PV-M1347) which I obtained via a garage sale, and had no remote or manual to refer to!! Thanks for this help! It worked!!!

April 2007

I tried your way: I was able to unlock it by using the power button on my remote. Thanks for your help.

January 2005

Just a thought.....

Often with child lock features, the button combination must include both an "on the machine" button + an "on the remote" button combination. (In this way the user can hide the remote control handset, making the lock feature more secure.)

Have you tried Stop/Eject on the [VCR] while pressing the power on the [Remote Control], rather than both on the machine?

January 2005

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My VCR, Panasonic NV-HD600, powers up but goes off in a few seconds with the 'hot' message. Presumably this is fan stopped or operating inefficiently. I have opened the machine but cannot locate fan. Any help would be appreciated....

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This machine has suddenly refused to work and the Please Wait message is flashing constantly. It wont even switch off unless I unplug it - help, I love this machine!!...

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cassett recorder?

I have three cassett recorders that don't work. They have not been used in several years. Are they dead?, or can they be made useful again? They are a "Sanyo sportable, a Panasonic auto reverse, and a Radio Shack model VSC-2002, Model #14-1158. Thanks...

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how to unlock panasonic vcr?

model pv 4651...

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I am wondering if these two faults in my cassette recorder can be fixed?

The power lead for my National Panasonic RX-5300F Cassette Recorder which I bought in the nineteen eighties does not work anymore. The fuse in the plug is not blown. However, I can still play the recorder with batteries. Can this fault be repaired? I also find the volume control sliders of the...

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tape door wont stay closed...

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How can I tune my Panasonic CVC Super SQPB video cassette player to my TV?

I am trying to tune up my Panasonic CVC Super SQPB video cassette player to my old fashion TV. I don't have any areal since I don't watch TV. The player is attached to the TV by SCART cable. However, when pressing PLAY there is no sound (TV works well, it broadcasts sound) and the image keeps changi...

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Amazing. Thank you for this ingenious fix.

Nov 2020

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