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DURABRAND CG5660-M is asking for a Lock Key Code. Help!?

I have a DURABRAND CG5660-M Digital Set Top Box. When all the connections are in place and I switch it on the red power light comes on at the front of the box then after a few seconds it goes out and a green light appears under the Lock heading. This then prompts me with a message saying, "Enter Lock Key". I have tried entering different combinations of digits but to no success. I do know that it is a four digit code using the numbers 0-9 but have no idea what combination may be or how to find out as I have lost the manual. I have been searching the internet all night and still haven't been able to find any codes.
Your help would be appreciated!!

Stacey Gibson
March 2007
Thank you! Yipee I now have a working TV again by pressing the standby then immediately unplugging the power cord then plugging it back after 3 seconds. Thank you!!

September 2017
The middle button on stb can be used as standby button if you have no remote

Big D
August 2017
the key code of 0000 1234 does not work?please advice wot to do & wot code to put in? thanx

October 2013
Can you please help me i want to connect my durabran CG5660-M to an univeral remote been trying for ages as my remote is broke and buying a new remote i culd proberly get a freeviw box at the same price does any one know the code.

Jodie :) x
February 2012
This really does work, I had to unplug my box, 17 times! Si worth is, as I have tv again. Cheers guys x

Miss E
August 2011
Guys, this realy does work... I was getting entre lock code when I powered my box up.... but tried the standby and unplug method...had do a few time but it did go to initial install menu eventually.... Thanks

July 2011
mine has also gone off but in my case i cant press anything with my controls, wont let me retune or anything iv turned everything off on many occasions and still get no were don't know what else to do.

July 2011
God of CG5660 is 100% correct!!!!! Just persevere.... Honest to god, it does the job. (I only had to try around 6-7 times.) Thanks God of CG5660!!!! :-)

May 2011
Thank you- pressing the standby button and turning off at the plug immediately works. Saved me buying a new one and hours of searching the house for a manual or the internet for one!

katie w
February 2011
my set top box is asking for a pin,and iv never put one on.can you help and tell me the standard code please.i dont have the manual and dont no the stanard pcode

February 2011
thank u very much, 4 advice on lock key code,i tried at least dozen times and almost gave up,uffin and puffin and cursing,had another try and yeeees got it,brill, well chuffed. u just need 2 persevere then u will b rewarded.

February 2011
worked for me after 8 -10 times, press standby then turn off at plug and back on again after 3 seconds.
did not know why the 'lock key' came up but could be in -built to shut off after reprogramming the box a few times

December 2010
fabulous advice! I pressed the standyby button, then pulled out the power wire, then plugged it straight back in, and yipee! It worked. fab. (don't give up, try it a few times).

previously without TV but now it works!
November 2010
without a remote control, can you find a way of getting the first time installation sorted?

November 2010
Seriously. This God guy knows what he's doing. Listen to him and keep repeating. It WILL work.

J a k
October 2010
perfect....(a) press "Standby" button on the remote contorl, then unplug the power cord (within 2 sec.) of the set top box IMMEDIATELY;
(b) After 3 sec. plug in the power cord to the STB again;
(c) Repeat step (a) & (b) until the STB enter the "First Time Installation" screen. Then the box will proceed channel search again. thank you!!!

October 2010
I have tried the suggested as above but none of this is working, I am just getting blue screen of death.... DVB-T digital Terrestrial TV Receiver with the green locked light on the stb
Driving me crazy!!

Reat Petite
September 2010
I have turn on my digibox it come on and goes off but it does not ask me for code, what shall i do?

Thank You

Erdal gokce
November 2009
make sure you always turn the freeview box off b4 unplugging the electric supply. as this can cause it to ask for unlock code also. but follow this god of cg5660 advice,i did and it worked. amazing.

November 2009
i cant even turn off the box i have to pull the plug out, what is the code

September 2009
THANK YOU 'God of CG5660-M!'

Was a bit sceptical having read your advice but tried it nevertheless. I tried the '1998' code - it didn't work, so I pressed standby on the remote, pulled out the plug at the back and put it back on again all within 5 seconds. At approximately the 10th time of asking it worked!

Thanks again! ***** - 5 stars!!

August 2009
Mine has the same problem as well. i was wondering if i could use a universal remote to work mine because my remote broke.


August 2009
Thanks alott - God of CG5660-M
Tried the 0000 code all afternoon then read your advice and it did the trick!!.. ive got tv again...

August 2009
I have tried to re-set my box as godof cg5660-m as suggested, unplugging and I still cant get it to work. Question 1 do you hold the stand-by button when re-connecting ??.
Question 2 does anybody else have any other suggestions please all I get is a blue screen showing DVB-t Digital terrestrial receiver. Thanks in advance

July 2009
where i can buy remot contol

July 2009
How do you unlock this digi box

May 2009
just wanna say cheers god of CG5660-M i had the problem for months, nearly got a new box =P

October 2008
Oh My God you are Truelly the GOD of CG5660-M!!

I suggest listenin to this guys advice, coz i did it and it worked, I can finally watch TV :D :D :D :D


August 2008
Hi Stacey
I have the same one and it says in the manual to use 0000. Hope this helps.

Debbie John
March 2007
Hey Buddy!!

Enter the Supper password "1998" when the screen appear "Enter unlock Code"

If super password failed to work pls do as follows:-
(a) press "Standby" button on the remote contorl, then unplug the power cord (within 2 sec.) of the set top box IMMEDIATELY;
(b) After 3 sec. plug in the power cord to the STB again;
(c) Repeat step (a) & (b) until the STB enter the "First Time Installation" screen. Then the box will proceed channel search again.

God of CG5660-M
March 2007
I think a default would be 0000. hope it works =)

March 2007
Try Asda/WallMart (depending on where you are.) Durabrand is one of their own brands.

March 2007

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