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Question - mend, repair, fix

How can I fix my Bosch exxcel 1600 express Fault Code F04?

Machine has filled but will not go through cycle shows Error Code F04

Alan Delbridge
May 2007

There is more help available. Mend - bosch, exxcel, fault, code
Need to mend your Bosch Exxcel 1600 washing machine?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

Hi, I have the same problem and have done the above. there is nothing in the bottom of the drain where the propeller is. Will I have to strip the machine down to get to the pump?

May 2015

Excellent advice people, thanks! My wife thinks I'm amazing now for mending the washing machine without having to pay a ridiculous call out charge!

Super Hubby!!
May 2013

Speak to Bosh help line. They will walk you through draining off the water left in the drum, and then how to unscrew the pump cover anf find what caused error F O 4. That's what I call service. Very polite and so very efficient. Are they a UK company. I think not.
Well done Bosh

May 2013

it soooo worked! 5year olds school class pictures tommorow where by they need there blazers...thought hers could do with a wash so put it in the machine....when a looked later it was stuck, water in and all. looked up code, found this posting, printed...followed intructions...found a cotton bud and lump of which i can only think is a stone...put stpper back, switched on and voila!!

so try it....what have you got to loose....

May 2012

Perfect, bit of wood blocking, thanks for the advice, wife has now calmed down, good day!

October 2011

I followed all the advice and found a picture hook blocking my machine (I have just moved house)! Many, many thanks - the machine is up and running perfectly once more...Couldn't have done it without this site!

September 2011

I followed what everyone else had made reference to and to my fiancee delight, the machine is working again. I think it is worth noting though that it is important to tilt the machine backwards and place a bowl or bucket underneath the bottom right corner. in our case this meant pulling it out from within the built in unit. this way you manage to avoid a lot of the water getting on the floor. Also, we thought that if we just turn the plastic Bung a little and let the water trickle out, we could then gradually turn the bung more allowing a greater flow, however just be warned that once the water is coming out at a good flow rate you won't be able to tighten the bung back up and you Will have to wait for all the water to have drained. Didn't really find anything stuck but the process has worked so great, thanks all.

Andrew bluenose
November 2010

F04 FAULT......
did exactly as above unscrewed bottom right cap...& yes water poured out.....all ok now easy peesy!!
many thanks guys !!!

September 2010

I took the the cover at the bottom right off, pulled out drain hose and water came out however I cannot unscrew the filter. Well and truly stuck. Help!

July 2010

Thank you very much for the above advice, it took me only 10 minutes to fix the same fault. took off the cover of the washing machine at the front (along the bottom edge), unscrewed the cap (easy) to the drain pipe, water came flooding out (but had bucket ready), then i inspected the inside of the hose and immediately found a hairpin lodged against some bit. removed hairpin, put cap back on, refit the front cover and voila, easy peasy. machine works as normal. this is the first time in my life i have ever fixed anything, thank you for your help.

June 2010

I had the same error code F04. Stripped all the grey drain pipes out and cleaned them. Took the drain pump out and it was clean as a whistle and larger pipe from base of drum to the pump looked ok. Still the same. In desperation disconnected the smaller branch pipe from the large pipe coming off the drum and stuck a finger down and low and behold there was a pair of knickers sitting at top of pipe. Put the machine back together and now works like a dream. Couldn't believe something could get in there. Hope this helps.

May 2010

i just pulled a button out of mine, but I'm really pleased as I think it has fixed the problem and I was about to tell my husband we need a new washing machine.
All thanks to the internet and this site I have done some diy!! By the way a shed load of water gushes out so be prepared with lots of towels

March 2010

i have had the error f04 - i have cleaned out the drain pump but now the machine will not fill up with water, i have been told its the circuit board that needs replacing at a very high cost

January 2010

Had the same happen to me - so thanks to everyone who answered Alan's question.

I'd accidentally washed a table cloth that I shouldn't have and the fan got blocked by tassles (whoever thinks tassles are a good thing should be shot). After unclogging the fan the machine is working fine again.

Thanks again to everyone for helping out!

October 2009

Thanks guys. Worked perfectly!

September 2009

hi ive had the same problem with my exxcel 1400s express. the code was showing f04 after some amount of looking on the net i come across this question about the exxcel 1600. i asume the fault code is pretty much the same on alot of models. anyway tilt the machine back and unscrew the plastic bung a as glen said rather alot of water comes depending on how far you tilt the machine. doing this just empties the water in the drum above. once you have done this then look to see if anything is blocking the flow tunnel. also reach in and spin the propeller about 2 1/2 inches inside the tunnel. when you have done this and you feel the propeller is turning freely. then screw back in the bung.assuming you have un plugged the machine in the first place,(safety first) then plug the machine back in and turn the knob on the front to spin if your model and press the start button. if the drain pump is working(when you turn it on leave it a minute or two so it can reset itself) you will hear the pump start working. i found at first it sounded abit gritty but once its free it seems to work fine after(well mine is now) as a electrical engineer i would say that your pump is fooked.? i hope this helps anyone as this website has helped me. so a plus for the help. thankyou kelv

kelvin barks
October 2008

f 04 pump blockage just cleaned out mine tooth pick and 10 cents

July 2008

This error indicates an obstruction in the water pump. Very easy to fix. Tip machine back so you can fit a bowl under the bottom right hand side. Flip back cover at bottom right to reveal pump filter access - unscrew (quite a bit of water comes out so have the bowl ready). You normally get coins in there (I just cleared mine - cleanest 5p and 1p you ever saw).

Glen Warburton
May 2007

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The question: How can I fix my Bosch exxcel 1600 express Fault Code F04?
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Help wanted!
Fantastic! I disconnected the battery for awhile as advised.

Aug 2019

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