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Mend > Cassette Recorders

Question - mend, repair, fix

How to remove stuck VHS tape?

How do I remove a stuck VHS tape from a Combo Tv/Vcr? It's a Magnavox 13".

June 2007

There is more help available. Mend - remove, stuck, vhs, tape
Need to mend your Magnavox cassette recorder?

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Answers - mend, repair, fix

I was skeptical but turned the tv upside down and banged on it, plugged it in and hit the eject button and out it popped. Thanks.

July 2019

had to turn it on it's side after the upside down part...the tape came much further out so that I could reach and cut one side and pull it out...saved the TV..tried other tapes and it works. promptly contacted the ebay seller for selling me a lousy tape, but thanks for your solution!

June 2019

I didn't even attempt to take it apart! All l did was turn the dvd/vcr player upside down. I didn't even have to unplug it and Wallah! After l pushed the eject button, the door opened, and the dvd came out! Great tip! Thanks a million!

September 2017

Thank you Sharon! A VCR tape has been stuck in my old Panasonic 13" TV/VCR combo for a couple of months. The TV still worked but not the VCR. Tried your method (felt like I was getting a little rough, but I was desperate!) and after about 5 attempts out it popped. The tape looked fine. Got up my courage, put it back in, and it played and later ejected without a problem! Thank you SOOO MUCH!!

December 2015

It's 2015 and, yes, I still have one of these. I tried what Sharon said below. It worked after about five times!

November 2015

OMG Sharon you are still rockin the internet with your flicking the tape trick ! I just had this problem for the first time, came upon the posts, tried it. At first no luck. After a few tries, and after spending the morning first trying every other trick I could find before coming to this post, I tried it one more time with no luck. I walked away in disgust and.. heard it come to life and eject !!! Yay you !!!

April 2014

Mine had no power, but I tried every suggestion and after turning it upside down and unplugging and plugging it in again the 2nd time the power came on and I was able to eject the tape. So don't give up, just keep trying everything. That's what I did. I wish I'd known these tips years ago instead of paying to recycle one that had this problem.

August 2013

I tried turning my tv upside down unplugged, plugged back in, powered up ejected. Unplugged let sit for a story, plugged in tried the upside down trick again.... no luck went got a toolbox determined to get my vhs back and thought ill google how to fix quickly and ready the flick it trick from sharon and it worked eventually.. but saved lots of time. Thanks

November 2012

OMG... Thank you Sharon, whomever you are... I was just about to throw our TV/VCR Combo out! Turning it upside down worked like a charm:)

June 2011

i just had this same problem. The tv would only stay on for a few seconds. Turning it upside down did not work. however, Sharon's suggestion worked!! Thank you Sharon!! You saved my wedding tape!!!

May 2011

Sorry it didn't work for me. I repeated instructions and tried and tried.

May 2011

Thank you SOOOO much! Your suggestion worked great... I did find that I had to use the eject button on the remote, however, because the Sharp TV/VCR combo has a button for Stop that you press twice for eject. I could not get it to eject until I tried the powering on simultaneously with the eject button on the remote.

Kathy from Pittsburgh
December 2010

Thought i broke my sisters tv/vcr combo as the tv did as described below. However, doing a research online I did as directed (I unplugged the tv, put it upside down, plugged it back in and quickly as i pushed the power button pushed eject) and it worked like a charm on the first try!!!!!
Thanks so much. Saved me from buying my sister a new tv

September 2010
September 2010

Thanks for the tip!
I unplugged the VCR for about 3 mins, then plugged it back in again and pressed the eject button.
It gave me the tape, good as gold.

August 2010

Wow! I was ready to take the VCR apart to remove the tape when I decided to check for tips on the internet. It worked like a charm! Unplug, turn it upside down, plug it in again and press eject - and voila, the elusive tape came out and I was even able to play it though I was ready to throw it away.

May 2010

Many Thanks to Patrick, it worked turning it upside down and leaving it then replugging it in and pressing eject while it is upside down.

April 2010

Thanks to Sharon's info I got mine out on the 2nd try. Very grateful to you Sharon!!!

March 2010

WOW..... thanks to Sharon and everyone else's praises to Sharon.... IT WORKED!! The combo is in my boys room and we haven't been able to use it for MONTHS!!! They will be so happy tomorrow.... thanks for saving us the repair bill!! :-)

February 2010

Another victory, thanks to Sharon!

January 2010

Thanks Sharon, it just worked for me too!

January 2010

worked great! Thanks, Sharon

Jean January 2010
January 2010

Sharon - worked for us as well. Brilliant! thanks

December 2009

Way to go, Sharon! Worked like a charm!

November 2009

sharon's answer worked for me tooo!

October 2009

Thank you, Thank you! The library wanted $24.00 for an old Mickey Mouse video. I was desperate. It worked after just a few tries.

Mom Mom
September 2009

hey its now september and im here trying to play my xbox360.. now my tv has been messed up u need to put a tape in press play then stop in order for it to workk.. it was all fine.. untill the tape got stuck.... i searched on the net for ways to fix it and then i found this... i tried it a few times and wat do u kno to my amazement the tape spit right out!!!!!!!!!! thanks you sharon =] now i can play halo

September 2009

Thank you. It worked for me on the first try. What a relief! It was an irreplaceable (over 20 years old) library tape "Julia Child: Way to Cook Fish and Eggs."

Marsha Lynn
August 2009

Iunplugged the power cord. Waited 30 min. I put the VCR upside down. Plugged in the power cord. Pressed the eject button several time and voila it ejected the tape.
I was ready with table knife and a lamp but I did not need them.

June 2009

THX, Sharon. Your suggestion works - like magic. In my case, it took 12 tries (persistent). The VHS tape is in excellent shape. The TV of TV-combo is working again after weeks!!!!

BB from Maryland
May 2009

Just had this happen, my 3 y/o shoved the VHS cassette in so the bar that lifts where the tape runs along was in an upright position inside; I saw this with my handy penlight. I stuck a long fingernail file in, which has a hook on the end and held up the bar enough and kept hitting eject, which would lift the tape up enough so that finally it was lifted up and I could grab the sides and yank it out. Woo-hoo! Now to teach her to put them in gently!!

May 2009

Thank you, Sharon !!!!!! It took a few tries and then out came the tape. Perfect.

February 2009

WOW!!! Thanks to all. My VHS got stuck in the tv combo for months. I called the tv repair shop and they quoted $25 to remove I said what the heck and searched the net.. IT's TRUE you can find anthing on the net!

Thanks to all your suggestions, esp Sharon and VOILA got the tape out...a few tries tho but success at last! Thanks to all

January 2009

Thank you Sharon! I was very frustrated because the tv kept shutting off after a few seconds and nothing I tried got the tape out. Your suggestion worked right away!!

December 2008

I was transfering home videos to the computer and suddenly the VHS tape got stuck! Looked it up in the internet, and got to this site! Thanks Sharon! it worked!

November 2008

YAY Sharon, Thanks so much for the easy to do altenative! I just removed a very old home video, unharmed, it was so easy and I sure am glad I didn't take the vcr apart first!

September 2008

Nice...thanks Sharon.

I had the same problem with a TV/VCR combo TV, where the tape was stuck, and if I turned the power on the TV would make a moaning noise for a couple seconds and cut off.

Tried your advice, and after multiple tries it finally spit the tape out and let me watch TV. Thanks!

August 2008

It is one year later and I followed Sharon's advice and it worked.

Thank you Sharon

July 2008

Sharon, it worked! it did take a few tries, but it finally worked.

I was ready to unscrew the vcr, then i saw the warnings about electrical shock. i'm home alone and had visions of my family finding me on the floor near the vcr with a screw driver in my hands.

went online and found your solution. thanks!

June 2008

I want to add my thanks to Sharon, too. I wasn't up to taking the VCR (combined Sony DVD/DVR and VCR) apart to remove a stuck tape, and friends were telling me I was going to have to take the thing for servicing. I knew it was just the one tape that had a problem and not the VCR. Your suggestion worked beautifully--got the tape out on the second try. It was the only suggestion I found on the Internet that didn't require taking things apart.


Lucille Fidler
December 2007

I wanted to thank Sharon. I tried your solution several times on my 13" tv/vcr with the stuck tape, but it didn't work...however, I told my daughter about it, it and it worked for her on the very first try! Guess she had the right "touch"!
Thanks, now I can use my tv again!!!

July 2007

I just had a tape stuck in a VCR/TV combo so went on the Internet for help and all other answers were to take the top off the VCR which of course is not possible with a tv combo.

While stuck the the power would turn on it would just emit a low moan-whining noise for a few seconds starting strong then running down and then power off. Couldn't watch TV in that state, it would automatically power off.

So I got down comfortable on the floor eye level with the input slot with the flapping door cover and pressed the power button then quickly with my fingers of one hand inserted them in the tape load slot and using my middle fingers continously began pushing up on the top edge of the cassette in a stiff but quick flicking motion over and over again (like trying to physically force the tape up with intermittent prodding short and quick strokes so it could clear the lip if the eject mechanism kicked in) while simultaneously pressing and holding the eject button with my other hand and after a few tries and 5 or six upward prods on the front top edge of the cassette the eject mechanism activated and spit out the tape.

June 2007

open up your vhs + turn the cogs at the side by hand
or unhook the tape from tape heads+guides+try pressing eject again

June 2007

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I had the same problem. Great result!! Thanks to all.

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